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how long does composite last

Smileworks dentists guarantee all of their work. Your composites will be under guarantee for longer if you join one of our dental plans. Strangely enough the question, 'how long does it last' is one we get asked a lot. It's also a really popular question people ask google.

Composite or white fillings are a durable material. How long a filling lasts before it needs replacing can depend on a number of factors. Find out the lifespan of dental work.

Cast Gold Fillings; Silver Fillings (Amalgams); Tooth-colored Composites; Other Filling Types; Does Dental Insurance Cover the Cost of Composites? process is completed, the dentist will shape the composite material to the desired result, trim off any excess material, and polish the final restoration.

There are multiple aspects which can effect the length of time composites will last, including: How well the patient looks after their teeth; The type of composite used; The dietary habits of the patient. Incorporating these factors, the average time they will last is 

As you can imagine, most people don't want to walk around with a big silver filling on one of their front teeth! Unfortunately, while tooth-colored (also called composite resin) fillings are more aesthetically pleasing than the silver amalgam fillings, there is a trade-off — they simply don't last as long.

The advent of new materials for fillings has been beneficial, especially in terms of aesthetics, but does not eliminate the appropriateness of traditional dental materials Many dentists consider amalgam stronger than the resin-based composite, and therefore use amalgam for back teeth fillings. Last updated: March 2012.

How long does it take? Composite bonding is a simple and versatile one-step treatment which can be used to address a range of flaws in just one visit. The bonding material is applied to your tooth and sculpted to an ideal shape to cover or replace the problem area. Then it is polished for an ideal smile. How long does it last 

Composite bonding won't last as long as veneers, but you should be able to wear them for up to 10 years successfully. Nonetheless, this means taking proper care of your teeth by avoiding hard candy, ice cubes and similar substances that can crack the composite material. Another factor that plays a part in determining the 

Using a composite resin filling, you could reasonably expect the filling work to last anywhere from 7 to 10 years, provided you're taking excellent care of your Another reason, dental work doesn't last as long, has to do with tooth injuries (such as those sustained during sports) and dental problems such as 

How long direct composite veneers (plastic bonding) lasts depends on many things. Yes, they might only last one year, but could also last up to ten. It would depend on certain conditions in your mouth, your bite, what kind of food you eat, the drinks you ingest, how much of your tooth is there for the composite to be bonded 

How Long Does Composite Last? Good oral hygiene can improve the lifespan of your composite bonding. If you have good oral hygiene you may expect more than 5 years from a composite before it needs replenished.

Over time, your composite fillings can deteriorate. This can happen for a number of reasons. Learn how long your composite fillings will last, here.

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