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These wooden structures help boost local wood duck populations.

Duck Houses Reinvented. In addition to providing a great product, we also are striving to be your source of information for housing and raising wood ducks. Our FAQ The ventilation on the sides and top of the DuckHut allow hot air to escape while the plastic provides just enough insulation to even out the fluctuations of 

Over the years since then I've made about every mistake possible while managing wood ducks and boxes. My biggest mistake was . Boxes made of metal, insulated plastic, and even plywood, when exposed to direct sunlight on hot June days, can become way too hot for the hen and her eggs. White paint and vent holes 

Last week, I saw wood duck boxes made out of 3 gallon DRYWALL BUCKETS! Did they work? No, but when the buckets got hot, some kind of fumes killed the ducks who had started to build nests. I've also seen aluminum and dark plastic boxes---these get hot and fry the eggs. There's nothing the hen can 

the beautiful wood duck. Early types were usually made of wood, while newer models are constructed predominantly of plastics or metal. If nest boxes are to be mounted in trees, they should be made predator-proof. Tack a 6-inch-wide strip of 1/4-inch hardware cloth or screen wire inside the box from the bottom to the hole 

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Plastic wood duck boxes are available to the public for $30 through the Division of Fish and Wildlife's regional wildlife offices in each county. For more information in New Castle County, call Craig Rhoads at 302-834-8433; in Kent County, call Wayne Lehman at 302-284-1077; or in Sussex County, call Rob 

Although less durable, nest boxes can also be made of pine, cedar, or spruce. The most durable material probably is metal, such as galvanized steel. Wood or plastic nest boxes can be purchased from commercial sources. Initially, wood boxes are more readily accepted by wood ducks than metal or plastic 

Large duck or goose house made from recycled plastic and available in four colours. Suitable for up to 2 large geese, such as American Buffs, or up to 8 small ducks, such as call ducks. Buy online now.

Most of those houses were destroyed or mutilated by woodpeckers, and the remaining wooden houses have now been removed. In 1978, the club renewed its interest in wood duck nesting structures and purchased 24 Tommy Tubs plastic houses. None of these houses were known to be used by wood ducks, probably 

Wooden boxes are generally considered the most attractive and blend in well with the natural environment. Wood ducks seem to accept wooden boxes faster than other types. Over the years, however, you will spend more time repairing and maintaining wooden boxes than either metal or plastic boxes. Also, making 

I own 50 acres of land with three lakes and I've always set up wooden wood duck houses as part of my wildlife exemption. Two years ago I stumbled across the Duckhut on Amazon. Of course I was skeptical to try a plastic nesting box for a wood duck. But I purchased one anyway and set it up next to my other high-end 

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