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Distinction Tile is a third the weight of concrete and clay tiles (only 305 pounds per roofing square). This means Distinction Tile can be installed on existing homes without expensive structural roof modifications. This is also a great choice for new homes because the lightweight composition can save on 

Characteristics: -- Typically curved, but also available flat for English and French looks -- Hundreds of glaze colors available -- Molded from pulverized clay and water -- Can weigh 1,000+ pounds per square; usually requires reinforced roof framing -- Lasts 50 to 100 years; tiles can crack or chip -- Cost: $250-$500 or more 

First, Titan Roof Systems offers the only tested and tried composite Spanish profile tile on the market. In addition Composite roofing is more durable and aesthetically pleasing than asphalt shingles. Titan's products will be comparable in cost to other high end roofing such as slate, shake, clay tile, and other composites.

Find out the pros and cons of asphalt, metal, tile, plastic, slate, and wood roofing for your home, including cost, durability, and weight. Asphalt Composition Shingles. Photo Courtesy of Less expensive than clay tiles, concrete roof tiles are also heavy but can last a long time and are very fire resistant. Materials: Made from 

Lightweight Composite Tiles. Robust, secure, fast-track roofing. Lightweight composite tiling systems are now becoming an established alternative to traditional roof tiles. They offer the aesthetic advantages of terracotta, slate, clay or concrete tiling with additional benefits such as robust performance and enhanced durability.

This is due to relatively short life-cycles of most roofing products that have been used over the past 20 to 30 years like wood shakes and asphalt shingles. When considering a roofing product for a reroof, life-cycle costs and other factors should be taken into account. Boral Roofing offers a full complement of lightweight clay 

POLYSAND Roman tile is the best alternative for the clay/concrete roofing tile. If you are looking for a Terracotta roofing tile, composite Polysand Roman tile is your best choice. It replicates the look of Polysand synthetic roof tiles can help lower energy costs by reducing heat transfer through air circulation under the tile.

But just because they are everywhere, doesn't mean they are the best option. Before you go spending thousands of dollars on such a valuable investment, take a few minutes to investigate the pros and cons of an asphalt shingle roof vs. a concrete tile roof. Here are a few of the most noteworthy differences: 

While not as durable and long-lasting as some of the more premium roofing materials such as metal, cedar shakes, slate, or clay tiles, asphalt shingles can provide In this guide you will learn about advantages and disadvantages of composition shingle roofs to help you decide if this popular roofing option is the best fit for 

Composition Shingles are the most common selection for homes in the United States because of their durability, versatility and quality. Depending on the shingle profile, Clay roof tiles are generally recognized as having the lowest life cycle cost because they can last for hundreds of years. To view product samples: 

Clay tile roofing tile colors, materials, choices guide: This article compares the features, colors, shapes, and product choices among clay roof tiles, concrete roof tiles, and composite or fiber cement roofing products. This article series explains clay tile roofing types, clay roofing tile inspection, tile roofing diagnosis, & tile roof 

With their extremely high breakage resistance, you can walk on synthetic roof tiles without tile damage. And job-site breakage is virtually eliminated. Cutting odd shapes is simple too: just use a hand saw or Sawzall -- to saw quickly and safely -- without the silicosis hazards of sawing concrete or stone tiles. Roof Tile 

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