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It can hide deep in the crevices of a filter or in rough spots on pool plaster and tile, or behind the pool light and under the ladder treads. Some strains of pool algae will send roots into the plaster, and slowly degrade and stain pool surfaces. Algae can even grow under vinyl pool liners, on the walls or floor beneath the liner.

Brush the walls and floor of the swimming pool. Adjust the pool pH. Use a swimming pool pH test kit to measure the pH of your water. If the pH is above 7.6 — which is common during an algae bloom — add a pH reducer (such Dead algae turns white or gray, and either suspends in the pool water or settles to the floor.

Green algae is the most common form of swimming pool algae because it grows from lack of proper sanitation and filtration. Sometimes you'll . You'll be sucking out this thick, dirty water from your pool, and as you move the vacuum across the pool floor, it's gonna start to kick up debris. When it becomes to 

We have professional training in hard floor care and restoration techniques; Extensive, multi-stage, cutting edge cleaning systems; Cleans dirt, grime and marks from the surface; Sealing, finishing and anti-slip options available POA; We help you adhere to the latest health and safety regulations. We remove tough, ground-in 

Mat Inc. provides several non-slip & drainage mats & flooring that provide a safe, accident free environment near swimming pools or in locker rooms. Superior slip resistance, anti-fatigue properties and lower cost makes this the mat of choice where duckboard is not necessary. The hollow ribs provide comfort underfoot.

Eliminates mould, mildew and algae. A powerful multi-purpose cleaning gel. Ideal for showers, washrooms and toilets. Cleans rubber flooring, safer surfaces, outdoor pool surrounds and patios. Available in 6 x 1 litre triggers per box. DOWNLOAD DATA SHEET. Mould Mildew Remover. Steam & Sauna 

Knowing how to get rid of black mold from your pool is essential to keep it an appealing place to swim.

But before you begin the treatment process, use a good pool brush to scrub off the algae from the floor and the sides of your pool to break it up so that the chemicals can work faster. If your pool is made of concrete, use a steel brush but if it is a vinyl pool, a nylon swimming pool brush is recommended. Here are some 

Vinyl pools come in varying sizes, from baby pools to family-size pools. No matter what the size, any pool is susceptible to mold and mildew growth. Mold and mildew thrive in

Quickly & easily remove green algae & other algaes from your swimming pool. Our guide to Yellow algae – or, as it is otherwise know, mustard algae – first appears in small clumps on pool walls and floors, usually in the more shaded parts of the pool, and may have a powdery or dusty appearance.

The tiles are designed with an open grid surface that allows water to drain through so pools of run-off water do not collect and pose a risk of slipping. An additional safety feature is the material itself – polypropylene provides a comfortable yet grippy anti-slip surface with an R10 rating. As all of our swimming pool flooring is 

Ottoseal S140 is a neutral-curing silicone sealant with prolonged mould protection, it is perfect for applying to underwater joints in swimming pools and also ceramics and natural stone. Because For the best results, we highly recommend the use of 'Ottoseal - Anti-Mildew Spray' and 'Ottoseal Primer 1218' with this sealant.

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