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By having the cedar shakes or shingles factory treated with fire-retardant, these types of roofs can gain the class C, B, and yes, even a class A rating with the proper roof assembly. The DaVinci Shake is also an option to explore. fireworks on a roof Most asphalt shingles are rated Class A and protect the roof 

Asphalt glass fiber composition (3-tab) shingles; Clay tiles; Concrete tiles; Slate. asphalt composition roof. This asphalt composition roof covering is a stand-alone Class A. Common assembly-rated Class A coverings include: Aluminum (metal) roofs; Fire-retardant treated wood shakes (with Class B fire rating, approved by 

An available option for all O'Hagin attic ventilation products, featuring an interior stainless steel matrix that resists the intrusion of flames and burning embers. The O'Hagin patented tapered, low-profile attic vents offer the best ventilation solution for composition shingle, slate and shake roof applications. This vent is 

Today's Dimensional Composition roofs give that very desirable “textured” wood shingle effect. To insure the wood sheeting. We have many styles of composition shingle available. Today's shakes are more durable and flame retardant then ever thanks to advances in the way that the shakes are treated and sealed.

Discount Synthetic / Plastic Roof Tiles and Synthetic Slate Roofing - Ideal for replacement of roof shingles and green roofing. They an be used over asphalt shingle shingles or as tile roofs and for commercial applications. . Outstanding fire and flame resistance (Class A as a system, available for many items).

Building codes in fire-prone areas often require fireproof or fire-resistant materials to be used on the roof. A fire-resistant or Because asphalt shingles are relatively inexpensive, they are the most common roofing material, especially in areas where fire isn't an ever-present danger. In fire-prone areas, other 

Shingle Seal™ is an application ready, water-based fire retardant designed for treatment of wood roofing and/or siding shingles. Shingle Seal™ is mix of proprietary ingredients, which forms a slight intumescent foam layer and carbon char when the treated shingle or shake is exposed to fire. Once the carbon char is formed 

Our Synthetic Thatch Roofing. Endureed® Thatch shingles consist of individual synthetic reeds bound by a durable stainless steel binder strip. Synthetic reed thatch shingles are designed to resist infestation, mildew and damage due to UV degradation. They are exceptionally fire and flame retardant and have 

An asphalt roofing made in this manner has poor resistance to fire and when fire tested as a thick butt strip shingle upon a pitched roof only an Underwriters . with a 7 exposure, they successfully passed a full scale class A Underwriters Laboratories test which included the fire brand, flame exposure and flame spread tests.

Common Class A roof coverings include asphalt fiberglass composition shingles, concrete and flat/barrel-shaped tiles. Some materials have a “by assembly” Even with Class A fire-rated roof coverings, vertical surfaces next to the roof edge will be exposed to flames from the ignited debris. Regularly remove vegetative 

A Class “A” roof is an assembly that has been tested in accordance with ASTM E 108 or. UL 790. In addition, a fire-retardant wood roof covering is tested in accordance with. ASTM D 2898. A Class “A” roof is thereby Composition shingles and built-up roofs. These types of roofs must be components of a 

Truth About Roofing. Underlayments. 4 Photovoltaic. Systems. Scan with your mobile QR Code Reader to find out more about UL support for code authorities. Questions often arise about the Intermittent Flame Test, and Burning Brand. Test. During the Burning tab composite shingles. The installation of photovoltaic 

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