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replace concrete steps with wood steps

Replacing old wooden steps with concrete ones is a worthwhile project that might increase the value of your house. When installing concrete steps, you have to make sure that you build the right number of steps for the height of the entrance. Before building the steps, you have to make a wood form, or frame, into which to 

Cutting away the damaged concrete and pouring a new concrete cap on the step can often repair badly broken concrete steps. The fix will be Concrete Steps. Outdoor Concrete Stain, Painted Concrete Steps, Concrete Stairs, Concrete Bricks, Wood Patio, Concrete Floors, House Repair, Outdoor Fun, Outdoor Projects 

We have a 72" X 42" concrete stoop with four steps that we would like to cover with a wood floor and new railings. Wood, while simpler and less costly in the short term demands far more regular maintenance and repair to be comparably durable and was used often in places like the Cape and the Islands 

The layer of wood you place over the top of the concrete steps can also make them stronger. Covering your concrete steps with wood can add protection and beauty to your steps. Replace the concrete steps if you find them riddled with cracks and other imperfections that may cause them to buckle.

Materials and Style. Which material to use will be determined by what type of stair you intend to install. Some materials are simply better suited to certain environments. The most common materials used for stairs are wood, concrete, and metal.

Use a concrete saw with a hose attachment to remove damaged part of step. The hose helps keep the blade cool and keep down dust. ( Follow the manufacturer's instructions for safe use of the concrete saw.) Step 2. Building a Wooden Form To Repair Concrete Steps. This wooden form will hold the concrete that will repair 

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