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Filling the gaps can be done with wood filler or with a clear resin that's mixed with sawdust that's the same colour as your floor. Either of these tasks is easy to do on a DIY basis, but you need to take your time and be patient. Another simple way of improving draughts emanating from old wood floors is to 

An extra measure to take to ensure a better insulated room is to use underlayment over, let's say, a concrete subfloor. Underlayment is a very cost effective way to create an insulation barrier when installing vinyl or hardwood floors. The underlayment will act as a insulation barrier helping to hold heat in and to keep cold from 

There are two different types of plastic-lumber products—the “composites” (wood products made from a mix of plastics and natural fibers) and the “wood-like” products Their various qualities (including durability and weather resistance) make them suitable for exterior building applications including decking/railing systems, 

performance. Insulation is installed on foundation walls or in floors above. Humidity is controlled by a dehumidifier, exhaust venting, or HVAC system [2]. Floors above Crawl Spaces: Reducing the Risk of. Moisture Accumulation within Wood Floor Assemblies. For Residential Buildings in Hot-Humid Climates. Floors above 

Laminate flooring. Made by producing an image of wood on a layer of plastic, which is laminated to a board backing. Top-quality versions have convincing Timber flooring can be noisy, especially in upstairs rooms; use rugs to deaden the sound of footsteps in busy areas and always use the insulation 

Building a wood floor over dirt can involve several challenges not found when constructing a wood floor over traditional constructed surfaces, such as Place a layer of 1/2-inch polystyrene insulation over the plastic sheeting to protect the plastic barrier from punctures, add insulation to the floor and provide 

Alternatively, you can support the batts with strips of wood lath or chicken wire. Insulating your floors essentially means insulating your basement or crawl space. The area between the first and second floors does not need to be insulated because they can share heat evenly. Basements, as we all know, can be cold and dank 

Laminate flooring manufacturers will always recommend that you install underlayment before laying laminate flooring. Yet is it necessary? While underlayment is the safe, default choice, in some instances it is not necessary. Begin with the manufacturers' recommendations and reasoning before moving 

Our contractor is telling us we can still safely install solid plank hard wood floors if he installs a vapor barrier under the crawl space and adds insulation under the floors. Does anyone have an opinion on whether this is sufficient or do we have to go the engineered wood route? My husband grew up with and 

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