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Mitred joints on both the aluminium and timber frames, using a mechanical corner joint on the aluminium frame and dovetail keys on the timber frame enables the frames to be constructed without the need for complicated production processes, integral transoms and mullions are inserted by scribing the ends and screw fixed 

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Cellecta's soundproofing product range includes YELOfon HD10+ the under screed resilient layer, which features its own Robust detail E-FC-5, ScreedBoard 28 the only single layer acoustic flooring system for timber floors with a Robust detail (E-FT-5), and high performance wall insulation products HiGYP 30TM 

The research project aims at developing a multi-layer wall and floor system composed of lightweight wood-concrete and timber sections in composite action for application in structural building components. The research project requires investigations on the composition of wood-concrete compounds, on the interfaces, the 

When an existing slab (of timber, composite steel beam, concrete or hollow clay block construction) is reinstated it often needs to be strengthened to reduce its deformability, a slab is to construct a lightweight structural concrete slab above the old load-bearing structure, suitably connected to it and to the perimeter walls.

Timber-concrete composite constructions are innovative, because the benefits of a reinforced concrete ceiling and the benefits of a timber ceiling system complement each other so well. Thanks to the excellent synergy of timber and concrete it's possible to realise design versions for ceiling-, wall- and bridge-systems which 

The advantages of using timber-lightweight composite structures, concerning constructive aspects, economy and structural behavior KEYWORDS: Timber-lightweight concrete, wood chip concrete, building construction, binder. 1 INTRODUCTION In order to develop a multi-layer shear wall and shear stiff floor system 

This paper presents the analysis of the structural and thermal behaviour of an timber-concrete prefabricated composite wall system, the Concrete Glulam Framed Panel (CGFP) which is a panel made of a concrete slab and a structural glulam frame. The research analyses the structural performance with quasi-static in-plane 

2015 Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP. Model Composite Timber Building. Concrete. Residential. Tower. Parking. Foundations. R/C Shear. Wall Core. Concrete Jointed. Timber Frame. System for Tower. R/C Shear Wall. System. Concrete Structure at Parking & Retail. Foundations. Less Concrete. & Rebar.

Cross-laminated timber floor as a continuous beam up to 6. Ripped slab (floor beams) Cross- laminated timber element with glued-on ribs up to 10. Timber-concrete composite floor up to 10. • Arrangement of window openings on top of each other. • Continuous parapets (walls used as beams). • Always put balconies in front 

Recent advances in multistory timber building design have led to new structural systems that allow open floor plans with large spans between frames and/or walls. Timber-concrete composite (TCC) flooring can achieve the spans required but has the potential to be flexible under diaphragm actions, which can significantly 

Composite concrete–timber building and bridge structures are gaining in importance throughout the world. The approach is to pour fresh concrete over the timber. Mechanical linkage between hardened concrete and timber is provided through keyed indentations in the timber or various sorts of mechanical fasteners 

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