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NOTING the progress achieved in conducting fire tests prescribed by resolution A.214(Vll) “Improved provisional guidelines on test procedures for primary deck coverings” since the date of its adoption,. RECALLING ALSO that the Assembly, by resolution A.214(Vll), instructed the Maritime Safety Committee to amend the test 

With several certificates, both the A-60 and the Primary Deck Covering and MED-D Quality System Approval so Swedac a reliable choice. Swedac have the current situation following ships systems. System U1 Swedac DG-U1 + Steel Primary Deck Covering. System U10 Swedac DG-U1 + Weber 4660 Primary Deck 

PRIMARY DECK COVERING. Sikafloor® Marine products have been approved according to the IMO-regulation and other major authorities and classification societies. Sikafloor® Marine levelling compounds are based on one- component pumpable technology from Sika. The pumpable solution provides cost effective 

(d) primary deck coverings to be not capable of producing smoke or toxic or explosive hazards (A.653(16)+A.687(17), MSC41(64)) on new ships,. (e) all balcony furniture and furnishings to either comply with the specification for furniture and furnishings of restricted fire risk, or (i) fire detection and fire alarm system.

On sailing warships it is usually the deck below the upper deck. 3. Upper Deck: The deck that covers the hull of the vessel from its fore to its aft is the upper deck. It is the topmost deck on a ship. In all vessels, the upper deck is the biggest deck amongst all other decks. 4. Lower Deck: The deck located below the primary or 

Our first reusable deck was covered in 5'x12' sheets of laminate, and the overall dimension of our primary decks were 5'x25', with some connected decks for oversized pieces. This served us Use a quality 3/4" plywood to skin the top, it does not need to be marine grade as you will be coating it with epoxy. 2.

One-component, i.e. easy handling, self-leveling, thin layers, rapid curing and short drying times so that the underlayment can soon be subjected to strain or to be covered with all kinds of floor coverings. Primary Deck Covering (3-COAT). CARPET, VINYL sheet, Rubber, Ceramic Tile, etc, MAIN COAT (If. Manual type 

Primary deck coverings for the marine market from Sika. Find out more information about the products and find our contact form to get further information.

Our scope includes the following items: A.1/3.1 Primary decks covering A.1/3.3 Fire-fighter's outfit: protective clothing (close proximity clothing) A.1/3.4 Fire-fighter's outfit: boots A.1/3.5 Fire-fighter's outfit: gloves A.1/3.6 Fire-fighter's outfit: helmet A.1/3.7 Self-contained compressed-air- operated breathing apparatus A.1/3.18 

17. D 100. Paints, varnishes and other finishes, primary deck coverings. .. floor coverings have low flame-spread characteristics;. — exposed . decks. B 600. Fire-fighter's outfits. 601 Ships above 150 gross tonnage shall be provided with at least two (2) complete sets of fire-fighter's outfits stored in separate locations.

Our TEFROTEX systems – not readily ignitable primary deck coverings – have been tested in accordance with IMO resolutions (Wheel Mark) and are easy to apply. As a subfloor for all floorings, coatings and tiles, e. g. galleys on cruise liners. Some of the materials are pumpable, self-levelling, extremely fast to process and 

Issuing Authority - Primary Description - Certification Number - Product Name. IMO Approval - Latex Concrete - 164.106/33/0 - A-70 (VLW) · IMO Approval - Latex Concrete - 164.117/28/0 - A-70 (VLW) · IMO Approval - Floor Covering - 164.117/22/0 - Colorflake VP 1/4" · IMO Approval - Primary Deck Coverings - 164.106/32/0 

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