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We have learned what the client wants and know how to give them what they expect – excellent customer service, quality in our products and durability of their structures. The Portland Hollowcore production plant situated at Durbanville can easily produce an average of 700 square metres precast slabs per day without 

SCREEDING / CONCRETE TOPPING. 6. FINISHES TO HOLLOW-CORE PANELS. 6.1 Tiling. 6.2 Downlights. 6.3 Plastering. 6.4 Painting. 7. ALTERNATIVE APPLICATIONS. 7.1 Warehouse walls. 7.2 Security walls. 7.3 Retaining walls. 7.4 Foundation system for affordable housing. 7.5 Reservoir walls and roofs. 8. HOW TO 

Maximize space in any house plan with Hollowcore Roof and Floor Systems. Create extra living and storage space by using a home's entire footprint, even neglected space available under a garage, porch or stoop. As more residential covenants dictate restrictions, Hollowcore helps home owners gain more usable space.

As more homeowners expand their outdoor living spaces with backyard decks, many are opting for composite decking. This newer alternative to What's the difference between hollow and solid core boards? Solid boards look Unlike wooden decks, composite decking doesn't require staining, waterproofing, or sealing.

4.3.1 Hollow core pre-cast units used compositely with the steel beams; 4.3.2 Steel deck with composite beams; 4.3.3 Composite beam with composite pre-cast concrete slab and topping; 4.3.4 Precast slab system. 4.4 Sizing 8.1 The steel frame; 8.2 Concrete floors; 8.3 Metal decking; 8.4 Waterproofing; 8.5 Refurbishment.

Demand for such decks has grown in recent years and is increasing, according to many reports online, specifically those directly sourcing decking One is that these hollow-based, flexible-material surfaces are noisy due to the hollow core causing expansion and thus, “knocking” against adjacent boards.

Precast, which includes Hollow Core Precast Panels and Tilt-Up Panels can be set with higher slopes. ICF roofing systems For standard wood framed roofs, composition shingles and shakes are ideal, but are more difficult to work with on concrete roofs, requiring additional furring and decking. Clay tile roofs work with 

A Guide to fitting waterproof shower panels and choosing decorative panel board for bathrooms and shower enclosures in place of ceramic tiles. There are two types of Aquabord panel - the hollow core range at 1m wide and the Styrofoam filled laminate range at 1.2m wide. Both types of board are 2.4m high.

roof. Scrim reinforced aluminium/ polythene laminate. –. Folded steel sheeting1). TL2, Scrim reinforced aluminium/polythene laminate. –. Hollow core slab. TL 2 . Roof decking. The decking underneath waterproofing must be stable and even. Harmful gaps and sharp upturns are to be avoided. The structure must be rigid 

tice 220: Waterproofing Membranes for Concrete Bridge Decks, a report on the same topic published in 1995. used on new bridge decks, existing bridge decks, or both, if any of these were experimental, and how long they lasted. (Note: If the level Only used on hollow core slabs and box beam bridges. • Cost-benefit 

Produce industrial-strength energy-efficient homes with hollow-core planks and precast wall panels.

Cost for hollow core concrete floor plank is 13800 and 9000 to deliver and install. Currently working . I'm in the process of getting a quote to do a structural floor (install steel beams, galvanized decking & reinforced slab) as well as cut out for access door and pockets to put the beams in. It's unfortunate this 

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