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solar reflectivity of wood decks

The stain features the revolutionary CoolStain Technology that increases solar reflectivity and reduces heat absorption of treated surfaces. Use to treat and reduce the surface temperature of wood decks, railings, shakes, shingles, siding, roofs, fences and wood patio furniture; CoolStain technology helps 

Looking for a night lamp to light up your garden? This lattice patterned solar light will be a good choice. Just mount it to the wall or wooden fence where it has full sun exposure, then you have a self-sufficient little lamp with soft w. Find this Pin and more on Next Deal Shop by mchammer48. New Arrivals at Next Deal Shop If 

Wood decks require continual maintenance and typically only last 10 years in the Florida sun. old-wood-deck-before-defy-wood-cleaner02 Ideal for Balconies & Rooftop Decks; Spreadcoat construction cannot delaminate; Thermal Emittance: 0.87; Solar Reflectance: 0.71; Meets ASTM 4434-06 / CGSB 37.54 (current) 

Liquid Rubber Polyurethane Deck Coating is a brush, roll and spray high-performance; polyurethane, elastomeric coating that provides a hard, durable; waterproof surface. The cured membrane has excellent solar reflectivity and UV stability. The next generation of innovative protective coatings. Waterproof membrane 

This extensive new line offers solutions for nearly any exterior wood project, with the look and finish DIYers crave, combined with fast-drying and long-life benefits they love. For example, features like the new SuperDeck IR solar reflective stains help keep surfaces cool even when temperatures are hot, meaning decks will 

Solacoat heat reflective coating. On a typical Top End day, Solacoat heat reflective coating can reduce the heat within your home by up to 20 degrees celcius on the hottest day. It does this by reflecting 94% of solar radiation from the roof and walls, stopping heat right at its source. The great news for Territorians is, the hotter 

The solar reflectance and the thermal emittance of a roof surface are important surface properties affecting the roof temperature, . Batten and Counter-Batten. Direct to Deck. Batten. Over Wood. Shake. Fig. 11. Solar reflectance for stone-coated metals and painted metal roofs exposed to the weather of East Tennessee. 13 

With wood finish porcelain tiles, for example, you gain the perfect look of a wood deck without ever having to worry about termites. And it goes without What's called the “Solar Reflection Index” (SRI) is a number that tells you how well, or how poorly, a surface resists being heated up. A black asphalt 

FEATURING PREMIUM DUCKBACK TECHNOLOGY.In addition to all the great SuperDeck features, SuperDeck® IR Reflective contains pigments that actually reflect solar rays back into the atmosphere,thereby helping reduce the exterior surface temperatures of decks exposedto the constant assault of direct sunlight.

Aluminium Solar Reflecting Solvent Based Roof Paint, a Highly Reflective Paint to Reflect the Sun and Heat on Flat Roofs Coo-Var Q253 Aluminium Solar Reflecting Paint is designed for use on Roofs and can be used on stable roofing felt, concrete wood and brick in environments that are exposed to sunlight on a regular 

wood decking or covered with a walking surface or other protective surface, provided that such walking surface or protective surface has [with an albedo of 30 percent or greater] a minimum initial solar reflectance of 0.3 as determined in accordance with ASTM C1549 or ASTM E1918. 4. Ballasted roofs 

DESCRIPTION. The COOL-TEC™ system is a superior heat reflective water based exterior coat- ing designed to bring new life to aged concrete and wood. COOL-TEC™ uses solar reflective, heat and ultraviolet sta- ble pigments. Specially formulated to reflect the sun ' s heat, they can lower exterior surface temperatures by 

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