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Waste separation bins are placed in public places for collecting waste paper, metal containers and plastics. Many collectors or recyclers You may visit the EPD website for locations of the waste separation bins and directory of recovery/recycling companies in Hong Kong. Many of your used items could be 

From plastic to fabric, here's how to clean baby toys of all types. No, these objects aren't getting 'clean' each time your tot sits in the bubbles, so they do need attention more often than you think. "Soak bath toys If they need more thorough cleaning, run them in the dishwasher (see 'Plastic', above). Metal

We're not victims of someone else's garbage, we are creating it ourselves. We, and other NGOs, have done really in-depth monitoring of the brands on the beach — the barcodes, the on the labels — and there is no question that the trash is from Hong Kong, not from China. The tides and typhoons 

Plastic-Free HK sells thoughtfully designed, ecologically crafted products, that encourage sustainable living and the reduction of plastic waste.

Get the Dremel polishing compound. Effective and easy to use, it brightens, polishes and removes light surface imperfections from plastics and metals.

It is created out of recycled plastics that were melted, pressed, cut, sanded, painted, and finished on top of hand crafted glass and wood. The plastics are collected from Hong Kong's beaches. We as artists wanted to explore the visual possibility with this non- degradable material that is polluting our oceans, to transform the 

And because we want to become energy independent, we're making the switch to renewable energy. Download the 2016 IKEA Sustainability Report PDF. ENERGY & RESOURCES: CLIMATE & ENERGY WOOD COTTON WATER VALUE, NOT WASTE FOOD. CLIMATE & ENERGY. To change everything, we need 

We have a large 'waste load'. Over the years, Hong Kong people have become more, not less, wasteful. In the past 30 years, our MSW increased by nearly 80% while our population grew by 36% and our. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) increased two fold. Tellingly, the daily per capita MSW rate rose from 0.97. Plastics.

Hong Kong throws away 5.2 million bottles every single day – is it time to ban sale of the plastic disposables? With landfills under pressure, beaches awash with litter and many residents oblivious to the problem, experts say Hongkongers need to wise up. PUBLISHED : Friday, 20 October, 2017, 8:32pm. UPDATED : Friday 

Plastic table cloth/plastic items ok to use on Italian or any finished table top We have received hundreds of questions on the basic cleaning, dusting and polishing of furniture and/or cabinets, and what product to use to polish. There are many . We had no problem with it whatsoever while we were in Hong Kong. We have 

Plastic bags do not biodegrade, within any meaningful human time-scale. Those cute little These countries have banned plastic bags: Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Tanzania, Eritrea, Kenya, Mauritania, Rwanda, Italy, and parts of Myanmar. (India, South Africa, and Uganda Clean water shoreline Plastic Pollution 

If you have to clean your spectacle lenses quickly, please don't be tempted to use your shirt sleeve, scarf, etc. For cleaning your lenses when you are not at home, ZEISS lens wipes are the perfect solution – they take up practically no space and are immediately ready for use. And all without harmful 

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