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Serving as an exposed finish requiring no additional materials, K-13 meets specifications for insulation (R-value), noise reduction (NRC), color, durability, condensation control, texture, and aesthetics. Additionally, K-13 usually provides these features at lower installed prices than many common alternatives 

A barrier or fence that's intended to reduce outdoor noise should be placed as close to the noise source (the road) or to the receiver (the client on the deck) Most loaded vinyl products are lighter, so be sure to choose the heavier product (for more about this material, see “Retrofit Soundproofing,” Jan/15).

Decks and Porches Need to Stand Up to the Weather. adjacent to the deck. When put into practice, some or all of these techniques result in a structurally sound and visually pleasing porch. In-ground concrete piers and wood framing, not full-depth foundations, typically support exterior decks and porches. Framing 

The insulation can then be covered with a conventional wet sand/cement screed of approximately 65mm thick, or with a dry floating chipboard deck. . Timber I-joists are a popular alternative to softwood joists due to their stability (they're not prone to warping, so provide a 'quiet floor') and ability to span 

outdoor living areas by about 5 to 10. dB(A). However, they are not as effective as insulation at reducing indoor noise levels. Barriers may take the form of earth mounds or fences made of various materials including concrete blocks, bricks, timber and fibre cement sheeting. The choice of a particular alternative depends 

Cut down on the noise coming into—or going out of—your living area with these proven sound-dampening materials and techniques like soundproofing walls. We won't show you how to block noise coming from outside since most exterior walls already block sound fairly well. And any improvement you make to them will 

Gabion Noise Barrier Walls and Sound Proof Fences Australia Curved fence: Pond garden with woven rebar steel, deck area for sitting, wildflower meadow mat of native plants, green roof and wooden screen fencing . Fabric fence Fence Fabric is the original fauz stone/hedge alternative made from lightweight vinyl.

The only sure way to truly soundproof your room is to build what amounts to a second room inside it. You cannot entirely prevent sound from traveling along beams, joists and other structural elements. You can reduce the amount of sound coming in or out of a room, however, by using some inexpensive 

SIP roof panels sometimes have a nail-able layer only on one side. Its purpose is as a retrofit over an existing roof where additional insulation is desired but no attic exists under the roof deck. The insulated roof panels are also available with air channels just under the exterior sheathing for ventilated roof designs.

The court garden and patio houses can provide outdoor acoustical privacy. (See Figure 4.11). Schools, rest To compare the insulation performance of alternative constructions, the Sound Transmission Class (STC) is used as a measure of a material's ability to reduce sound. Sound Transmission Class is 

When I think of soundproofing my mind immediately wanders to the Buffalo Springfield lyrics: “Stop children, what's that sound, everybody look what's goin' down.” You can't escape noise. It's everywhere, both inside and outside the home, distracting you from work and disturbing your leisure. While we can't 

Alternatively, storage decking is a 2-in-1 application that combines extra insulation with a rigid board for storage. Check the board sizes beforehand to make sure that they will fit through your attic hatch. Using Sheep's Wool As with the recycled non-itch alternative shown opposite, sheep's wool is a more user-friendly 

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