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applications for modified wood panels

Thermal modification uses heat to remove organic compounds from the wood cells, so it will not absorb water, expand, contract, or provide nourishment for insects or fungi. The high heat produces a naturally durable wood that is permanently resistant to water, insects, and decay. Because the wood is not absorbing 

Thermally modified wood is redefining the properties, features and applications of natural wood in a wide spectrum of residential and commercial applications such as siding and decking.

Offering the highest green standards, architectural excellence and a cost-effective build, thermally modified wood is here to stay. Innovatively engineered via a process that uses heat to 'cook' solid timber, thermal modification results in a natural timber without the maintenance hassles – and with real environmental bonuses.

From America's well-managed hardwood forests, Cambia by NFP provides an affordable, environmentally friendly alternative to imported exotic hardwood species. This innovative, natural hardwood product is also non-toxic, highly durable, and dimensionally stable making Cambia a great choice for siding, trim and more.

Produced from the abundant North Central forests of the USA, Arbor Wood Co. (AWCo) offers innovative thermally modified timber for a variety of outdoor and indoor applications from housing installations to decorative fixtures and product components. FEATURES Sustainability - Chemical free - superior exterior qualities 

The most common applications for modified wood are exterior constructions such as wall claddings and prefabricated wall elements, terrace floors, garden Also indoors thermally modified wood can be used for a great number of various purposes such as parquets, wall panels, kitchen cupboards and sauna interiors.

It is modified timber in which a process called acetylation, a cutting-edge patented technology, enables it to resist rot, defy the elements and stay strong for decades. From joinery for the home to bridges submerged in water, Accoya long life wood is a leading material that stands up to every application challenge – decking, 

Thermal modification uses heat and steam to fundamentally change the properties of wood, making it hydrophobic, or nonabsorbent. offer a thermally modified wood called Arbor Wood, which is harvested from sustainably managed North Central Minnesota forests. Wood paneling made from Arbor Wood 

Valtti Wood Oil Akva. Valtti Base, Valtti Exterior Wax. Decking, -, Valtti Non-Slip. Cladding, Panels, Fences and other wooden surfaces. Semi-transparent finish. Valtti Base The above should be used as a guide, as actual spreading rates will depend upon many factors including texture, porosity and application method.

Keywords. Wood cell biology. Embodied energy. Timber supply chain. Engineered wood products. Wood modification. End-of-life Furthermore, following primary use as structure, there are many secondary or tertiary uses for timber construction waste that retain its value. When should one use timber? Timber can have 

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