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agricultural residues for wood plastic composites

Abundance and potential to yield good quality fibers make these perennial grasses and agricultural residue interesting candidates for use as biofibers in composite applications. They can be the principal source of fibers serving as a substitute for wood and certain synthetic fibers and fillers. Also, using them 

One viable solution involves using agricultural residues asmaterials for making agricultural fiber-plastic composites (AFPCs). At similar densities, AFPCs are comparable to wood-plastic composites (WPCs) regarding their physical and mechanical properties [8,9,10]. The potential benefits associated 

This investigation aims to study the potential of waste agricultural residues, such as rice husk and coir pith particulates, as reinforcement in epoxy matrix as an alternative to wood and plastic based components. The composites were prepared using the compression molding technique by varying the particulate weight 

Risingmaterial costs and shortage of woody materials necessitate alternative sources for lignocellulosic material in wood plastic composites (WPC). This study was conducted to evaluate rice hull (RH), an agricultural residue, as a cellulosic substitute in WPC. Samples were fabricated with approximately. 4Cfc ::.inc 

and forms ofmaterial. The paper and wood-based panels industries make use of forest wood as amaterial for their products. The use of other renewable resources such as agricultural residues (wheat straw, rice straw, etc.) in the production of composite panels (i.e. particleboards, fibreboards) and paper products 

2004, 2006; Zabihzadeh 2010). Composites made from lignocellulosic materials are now becoming popular due to their advantages, especially in wood-limited countries. There are different resources in the world that can be useful for wood-plastic composites manufacturing. In Iran the agricultural residue rice hull has been 

There are several non-wood fiber sources other than those of agricultural residue origin. . In the Philippines, the utilization of agricultural waste fibers in the production of composite panels has focused on coconut coir (or husks) and banana stalks for . Review of agro waste plastic composites production.

Environmental friendly forest utilization. Lignocellulosic materials from annual plants and agricultural residues asmaterials for composite building materials. Philippou1 J. L., Karastergiou1 S. P.. 1 Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Department of Forestry and Natural Environment, P.O. Box 243,Thessaloniki, Greece,.

Lignocellulosic includes types of wood, agricultural crops, like kenaf; agricultural residues, such as bagasse, corn stalks and rice stalk, agricultural pruning residue such as date palm It is sometimes claimed that moisture is not a problem for wood-plastic composites because the wood is totally encapsulated in polymer.

The production of plastic composites from agro waste materials is receiving the substantial consideration currently. The introduction an innovative environmentally friendly process for turning agricultural residues (agro-waste) into quality products suitable for use for the industrials is always urged [1,11]. The use of straw 

Corresponding author: guangping.han@nefu.edu.cn. INTRODUCTION. Corn straw is one of the main components of agricultural residues in China. It is very important and necessary to utilize corn stalk in a scientific and efficient way. With the development of wood-plastic composites' (WPCs) technology and environmental.

these waste fibres the most alternative to natural fibres (Reddy and Yang, 2005; Stockmann and. Bowyer, 2001) and thus meeting the growing demands of natural fibres for wood plastic. composite industry in Europe. At the same time this will add to the creation of rural agricultural. based economy. 2.6 Urban forest residues.

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