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Easy to clean slip resistant floor

Our team of Territory Managers, Architectural and Engineering Representatives will assist you in finding the right slip-resistant floor to meet your specific needs. Regardless of your industry or space, Stonhard will install a slip-resistant floor with the look you want (infinite design possibilities and the ability to customize and 

Options and important considerations for choosing flooring materials for senior citizens or spaces designed for aging in place. Slip-resistance—Is it a non-slip surface even when wet? Ease of travel—Is it Cleaning: As long as a cork floor is properly maintained, it is relatively easy to clean and care for.

Bathroom showers demand a tile that is easy-to-clean, water-resistant and non-slip. You should be aware of Safety is the highest priority in this area of the house and for all bathroom floors we stress that using a non-skid tile surface is most important. There are several choices that provide a safer shower floor. Textured 

Interior use, Zero VOC's, Natural look, Easy to use, Cost effective; Increases Slip Resistance, Self-Neutralizing; Concentrated, UL® Classified for slip It has been designed to meet a need in the marketplace for a product that would effectively clean soiled floors and simultaneously leave a slip resistant film on the floor.

Everlast® Floor has a textured finish. It is made from small natural marble stones and quartz which give it texture. This makes it a slip-resistant floor. It is a resin-rich floor, meaning the stones are completely saturated in epoxy resin, which makes it non-porous and therefore easy to clean.

When you find that the usual methods of cleaning non-slip floor tile, detergent or a steam clean, are outmatched by your floor, it's time to pull out the secret weapon. With very few You may work in small sections, but for smaller floors such as bathrooms it may be easier to clean the whole floor at once. Sweep to remove any 

A collection which enables a range of slip resistance ratings to be used across co-ordinating colour schemes. 4. Unique, attractive and comfortable solutions for wetroom ranges. 5. Innovative slip resistant particles Step Crystals, which contribute to a clean and fresh design, easier cleaning and an improvements on our Life 

Here you'll find helpful PDFs on cleaning, maintenance and installation, alongside guidelines on slip resistance, DDA and RIBA approved CPD's. If you require additional information . Should be easy to keep clean so that the slip resistance of the floor material is maintained at all times. Should have a texture that is as 

This should be applied to an adequately primed or previously painted surface. Should you wish to build the film build up of the coating system, first apply a coat of 304 HD Epoxy Floor Ccoating at a nominal rate of 0.25 to 0.3kg/m². Ensure the following coat of 503 Easy Clean Anti Slip Coating is applied after a minimum of 

Rust-Oleum® Floor Paint Slip Resistant Grade is ideal for slippery concrete floors. The anti slip aggregate is pre-blended with the paint to produce a more evenly textured finish. The texture is easier to clean than 'gritty' coatings making it particularly suitable for larger areas. This product is only available in the UK.

Each surface has been studied to remain within the main parameters established by the most important pertinent international regulations. In addition, an innovative manufacturing process has made the tiles easier to clean than most non-slip surfaces (which are notoriously difficult to clean), thus reducing maintenance costs 

Slip-resistant tiles for commercially used and barefoot rooms. General. On account of their properties, tiles are considered to be easy to clean. The cleaning methods and cleaning agents must, however, be adapted to the type of floor and local conditions. Owing to their high resistance to chemicals and their pronounced 

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