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The shape is still there, the walls of glass too. But the walls that were once sheathed in warm, rich plywood today glow white. Or is brighter always better? In the new fall '16 issue of CA-Modern magazine we delve into the question: why do people keep painting or sheet-rocking over their original mahogany 

​​All Interior Walls (and Garage) are 5/8-inch thick “fire-rated” sheetrock with Level Five Smooth Finish drywall (including garage). ​All exterior wood seams (CDX shear wall AND Eichler Siding) were sealed using premium SikaFlex™ caulk to prevent pest infestation and/or moisture intrusion. And exterior wood trim was 

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Since World War II, drywall has served as the standard finish for walls in U.S. homes. While drywall walls offer numerous benefits, including a smooth, attractive finish, homeowners have other options for covering walls in the home. Covering walls with plywood rather than drywall means greater strength and easier 

That, and the wood peckers would probably have a buffet. While we decided to put Artisan Hardiplank on the exterior we definitely wanted to pay an “homage” to the Eichler siding, AND we hate drywall, so installing the siding on a few accent walls seemed like a good idea. As far as I know there is only 

Before painting the ceiling, we caulked the grooves in the tongue-and-groove wood, which over time separate and become uneven. .. in the wall that is shared with the atrium, so this would give us a chance to replace the (probably moldy on the inside) drywall and repair any wood studs that had rotted.

All it needed was some tender loving care and a little elbow grease (a good cleaning followed by a rub down with Howard Feed-N-Wax wood conditioner). The wall color is Decorator's White by Benjamin Moore. See more of Carolyn's mid-century home after the jump! Image above: The fireplace is original 

There are a lot of reasons to look at other materials than drywall for our walls. Cedar is often used because it is hypo-allergenic. Wood walls have a warmth that you just don't get from drywall. As Steve notes, "You can hang a picture, attach a peg, hang a cabinet or a shelf, and never have to worry about 

In the original Eichlers the walls were mostly plywood siding, Lauan panels, and exposed masonry. The cost to build this way would be prohibitively high so we picked our battles. There will be tongue and groove paneling on the ceiling, which will really reduce how much gypsum board is in the house, and 

Any wood over drywall is problematic because you are removed from the framing, and the tapered edges can also screw you up. I use 1/2" plywood under paneling for fire rating and better nailing. Plywood edges in particular are very unfriendly. Dec 6, 14 9:45 am. anonitect. History. If you use adhesives, 

There are two disadvantages to plywood over drywall. The first is cost. Plywood is considerably more expensive than drywall, especially if you are using a cabinet grade hardwood plywood. This is a large part of what has kept plywood from being used more consistently as an interior wall treatment.

Some of the older Eichlers had beams bearing on top of windows and also returns over windows perpendicular to the beam bays. Nowadays, you can't build an entire wall of glass anymore; today's codes require that walls in wood frame houses include a shear panel extending from the foundation to the 

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