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Many homes and apartments have Balconies stairwells and Patio banisters or railing. If your home is old or new, it is possible that your railing might not meet new safety codes. Even state safety codes for homes are not the same as what is recommended for babies and toddlers. Plexiglass is the safest and best looking 

I have a balcony that has iron railings. buildings with cats (of which we are not one), and it reminds us of our dear friends, the Wagners, whose enormous cat lived with them in their 27th floor apartment for over 15 years before passing away. Anyway, the first thing that came to our mind was plexiglass.

So if your cat loves to climb on your balcony or your little dogs love to bound around your deck, you might be concerned about railing safety for pets. How can You could also purchase materials like chicken wire or acrylic sheets and attach them to your railing to create a permanent or temporary barrier.

KIDS SAFETY RAILNET: Includes One durable 10 foot mesh railnet, railing ties, and screws; VERSATILE: Use for indoor balconies or outdoor decks. Great for both small children and pets. KEEP CHILDREN & PETS SAFE: Railnet provides protection against small children and pets getting caught between rails. GREAT 

See More. Plexi lined balcony to keep pups safe 10 Dog-Friendly Ideas for Apartment Balconies: Create a Puppy Garden - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! Make your deck or balcony railing safe for children and pets without obstructing the view with this easy-to-install outdoor safety netting.

Consider lining the railing with a chew-proof height-appropriate "fence" composed of fine chicken wire or Plexiglas. This doubles as a guard to keep curious kids and cats a bit safer as well. Inflatable bumper collars can keep a dog's head from getting stuck. Some balconies and dogs may just not go together, such as a large 

Never leave your animal unattended on a balcony. Small animals can fall between railings, large animals may jump to catch a bird or because they are just afraid of the height and panic, and many cats can't resist the urge to climb where it's not safe. Always keep a close watch on your animal when they're 

Potential solutions include affixing mosquito netting, chicken wire or plexi-panels to the existing railings to eliminate all access points, or a plush collar (for little dogs). If your dog tends to be rambunctious, allowing him out onto a balcony with glass panels isn't a wise decision. Similarly smaller dogs if the 

Amazon.com : KidKusion KidSafe Deck Guard : Childrens Outdoor Safety Products : Baby. Use our Deck Guard to provide a clear, durable safety barrier between your child and outdoor deck or porch railings. . Would highly recommend to any mom or pet owner looking for peace of mind around railings and balusters.

Also seen him running around with a bag wrapped around him twice, once a plastic grocery bag wrapped around him and once an empty cat food bag over his head haha… Reply. October 02, 2008 at 12:55 pm, Guest said: I use chicken wire on my balcony railings, and it cannot be seen. Bought it at Ace 

@KevinH390. Very thoughtful project. I commend you for being good to animals. I don't know about the jumping from that height (chicken wire would be easy to manage, and a LOT cheaper than plexi ), but you can make the railings safer by having any number of carpet fabrics on the railing itself (the part 

Glass railings are an excellent choice for deck owners whose primary concern is the safety of their little children and pets. In traditional glass railing designs, the spaces in between the panels are minimal so little hands, feet and heads are less likely to be stuck in between. Because the panels are clear, you 

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