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Worse, these growths don't only look bad–they can also damage your deck and make it slippery to walk on. Don't throw away all the time, money and work you've put into your deck. Just apply Wet & Forget Outdoor to annihilate these ugly growths and get your deck ready for fun! Read on to find out how.

We just installed a new Seventrust deck. Our previous deck, installed around 2005, was warrantied as part of the class action because it literally fell apart. Our new deck is horribly slippery, even when it's not wet. I'm constantly afraid of falling and am very concerned about how bad it will get once it starts snowing.

If you powerhose your deck you will move the pressure treatment that stops it from rotten, get a deck brush with a handle, soapy water snd elbow grease, the surface, gritted it, cleaned it with anti algae treatment, painted it with a non slip surface treatment and it remains a hazard, especially when wet.

Homeowners interested in nonwood planking will find two main types to choose from: all-plastic and composite. All-plastic lumber . it can be when wet. According to Richmond, who installs plastic and composite decks, all-plastic planks seem to be a little more slippery than regular wood, whereas composites are not.

Learn some tips for painting, staining, and maintaining a wooden deck. Before doing either, find out the pros and cons of each method. Paint can be slippery when wet. Depending on the sheen of your paint (gloss, semi-gloss, etc.), painted decks are sometimes as slick as ice when wet. Paint hides the 

Barbecue season is approaching, but if your house has a deck chances are that winter has left behind a slippery coating of algae, fungi, mosses, moulds and lichen. So if you're planning on spending more time Go too fast and you won't remove the slime! This option takes time – and you'll get wet doing it.

It's that time of year again, when decking problems raise their ugly heads after a long, cold, wet winter. Here's some expert advice It tells you how and why decking gets slippery, and provides information about how to achieve non slip decking that's both safe and good to look at. We also make product 

This combination gets as slippery as grease when it gets wet. You can remove it with deck wash from your local big box hardware store. Or you can make your own deck wash from a mixture of laundry bleach, a bit of detergent and water. Soak down the stairs with the deck wash, let sit for 15 minutes to 

An issue in both summer and winter, the reason for decking becoming slippery in the rain, surprisingly isn't in fact the fact that the wood is wet per se, Once you've done this, you should spray your deck with either a dedicated deck cleaning product or a solution of warm water and soda crystals to get it 

Slippery Deck Steps. By This Old House magazine. Q: The steps leading up to our deck are made of pressure-treated lumber, which gets very slippery when wet. What can I do to solve this dangerous situation? —Clyde Sipes Jr., Shade Gap, Pa. A: Tom Silva replies: Your best bet is to install self-adhesive nonskid strips on 

Algae is a simple plant that can severely discolor your deck, and can create a very slippery surface that is dangerous for your family to walk on. No matter which type of algae is plaguing your deck, Wet & Forget Outdoor will solve the problem and let you get back to enjoying your deck! concrete-cleaner 

“It won't happen to my decking! I'll just keep it really clean and it will never become slippery.” If only that could be true. The fact is that all timber decks are at risk of becoming slippery, regardless of how well you look after them. It's not down to size or type of timber used either. Nor is it down to the specification of the decking 

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