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If so, like many consumers, you were probably looking for a low maintenance alternative to wooden decking. And you may have been By the second summer we noticed that we were getting a lot of mildew spots on the boards and the spaces between the boards were narrowing. This was getting worse as 

Behr's premium products are highly rated by Consumer Reports, and I have had great success with them. The Solid Stains are great- I I have heard deck restore products can start peeling, but obviously that route would be much, much cheaper than rebuilding the deck with composite boards. Thoughts?

We need to clean & stain deck rails of an upper & lower deck, as well as the floor joists of the upper deck, and replace the rotted floor boards of the upper deck with composite. The upper deck is a second story deck directly above the lower deck. And The Lower deck floor already has composite floor boards.

Tanya from Barefoot Floor breaks down popular and top rated decking materials using Consumer Reports ratings. Redwood and Cedar are more beautiful wood options, but the durability will depend on how much of the boards are heartwood (otherwise, weather and bugs have a heyday on the wood).

Anyway, here are my current thoughts in a nutshell: The best composite decking on the market in our opinion is Transcends. such as messed up textures on boards, colors varying from one batch to another, customer service has dropped off, we have had reports from customers not being treated well when calling in 

Sources as diverse as Consumers Reports and Angie's List recommend semitransparent stain, which doesn't create a film and doesn't peel. one of those heavy-bodied deck coatings, the ones that are up to 10 times as thick as paint and are promoted as a way to smooth cracked, weathered deck boards.

This lawsuit has been settled, with paying for partial replacement of their faulty product and no longer offering the first generation boards to consumers. We have been lucky. Our deck has not suffered any of the mentioned problems, other than several very small flecks of white plastic that has shown 

In 2013, Consumer Reports ran several articles and reviews comparing wood decking to alternative decking materials. They reported that Composite deck boards are manufactured with grooved edges on the sides to allow for the placement of hidden deck fasteners. Hidden fastener systems provide 

This is something deck owners do every few years if they use a good sealant. To find out which deck treatments protect wood the longest, Consumer Reports has been doing a long-term tests. They show some products look bad in less than a year. Testers treated deck boards with a different protectant 

We all know wood is susceptible, but did you know that most composites have a poor mold rating? Check out Consumer Reports where aluminum boards were rated the best compared to wood, plastic and composites. (you must be a member of Consumer Reports to view their ratings). The wood dust or 

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