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Total world production/consumption of plastics, since the beginning, at the turn of the twentieth century, kept an average annual rate of growth of 15 %, or doubling every five years, until 1975-1979, when this trend was broken at the first oil shock. This high growth rate was never achieved again, the average annual growth 

Global consumption of plastic material in 2015 is expected to be 45kg/person. Highest consumption of plastic material per person for the year 2015 is .

A new paper says it is the first attempt to measure the total amount of plastic produced since the beginnings of mass production.

2. Plastic production exploded in the 1940s, when it became one of the fastest-growing global industries. 3. About 299 million tons of plastics were produced in 2013, a 3.9% increase over 2012. Global production of plastic has continued to rise for more than 50 years. Plastics Everywhere: A “Just The Facts” 

A report on. Plastics Industry. Packaging industry in India has seen a strong penetration of plastics as compared to global standards. However, agriculture sector still hasn't explored the benefits of plastics to a large extent. Global average for plastics demand in agriculture is ~8% while. India is substantially lower at only 2%.

Mass production of plastics, which began just six decades ago, has accelerated so rapidly that it has created 8.3 billion metric tons—most of it in disposable products that end up as trash. If that seems like an incomprehensible quantity, it is. Even the scientists who set out to conduct the world's first tally of 

plastics industry within the world plastic foreign trade volume is at a level of . end, the government has decided to strengthen aggregate demand in 2016, production to make it more balanced, to reduce Currently, as the main import partners, China's share in Turkish domestic consumption will increase further. Turkish 

leisure and sports equipment or medical and health products, to help us to live and build a more sustainable world. Did you know that 80% of a product's energy consumption accounts for the use phase? Plastics: for a more sustainable world ca 80% ca 20% use phase production and manufacturing phase. Plastic materials 

For more than 50 years, global production and consumption of plastics have continued to rise. An estimated 299 million tons of plastics were produced in 2013, representing a 4 percent increase over 2012, and confirming and upward trend over the past years.(See: Worldwatch Institute – January 2015). In 2008, our global 

TEXT HERE Global production of plastic has continued to rise for more than 50 years. 229 million tons of plastics were produced in 2013, representing a 3.9% increase over 2012's output. PlasticsEurope, Plastics–The Facts 2014: An Analysis of European Plastics Production, Demand and Waste Data 

Global Plastic Demand by Application Use. 2015 global plastics demand: 322 million tons. • Global plastics production is growing steadily year by year. • Plastics for packaging is by far the largest application. • Followed by building and construction. Sources: ® Executive Packaging,. PlasticsEurope 2015 

Global Plastic Production Rises, Recycling Lags. New Worldwatch Institute analysis explores trends in global plastic consumption and recycling. For Immediate Release January 28, 2015 CONTACT GAELLE GOURMELON 

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