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Tremco's waterproofing systems offer a comprehensive range of products and systems that are designed to meet job-specific needs and requirements of the architects, owners, engineers and contractors. We offer a series of cold, hot and bentonite sheet waterproofing membranes for vertical, horizontal and lagging 

(Structural, Plank, Hollow Core, Post & Pre-tensioned). Metal Deck. (Substrate board of insulation required). Aluminum, Stainless, and Galvanized. (Painted or Unpainted). Lightweight Structural Concrete *, Wood Plank, Lead Coated Copper. Lightweight Insulated Concrete *, Cement Block, Plywood. Stone, Copper, Lead 

a system of massive post-tensioned hollow core slabs including a single span Gerber beam to a monolithic frame structure (Fig. 5). By means of R-UHPFRC, the two Gerber joints were blocked and bending capacity of the hollow core slabs was increased. In addition, the R-. UHPFRC also serves as waterproofing layer.

CUPOLEX - Plastic dome and module for ventilated hollow floor / Formwork and dome for hollow core slab. My Products. BIM. Plastic dome a for ventilated and insulated hollow floor ISOLCUPOLEX. PONTAROLO 

Hollowcore floor planks are precast, prestressed elements produced on a long-line bed using an extrusion or slide-forming machine. Planks are normally 1200 mm wide, thicknesses range from. 150 mm to 400 mm and cores vary in shape, size and number depending on the equipment used for manufacture. Hollowcore 

To provide a better water and vapour proof in complicating application surface compare to membrane type and ensure better integrity between applied surfaces and waterproofing coating. Areas of application: • Reinforced Concrete Roofs. • Metal Roof. • Waterproofing of terraces and balconies. • Hollow core concrete roof.

Hollow Core Details · Hollow Core Void Locations. What could you do with extra space in your home? Expand your living space by using Forterra Structural Forterra Structural & Specialty Products recommends using a reputable waterproofing contractor to assure proper waterproofing of your new Precast Garage Floor 

suitable for hollow core production. A chloride free hyperplasticising strengths to be achieved. Special hyperplasticizing admixture for high quality precast concrete & hollow core slabs. . Osmotic cementitious mortar suitable for contact with drinking water, for waterproofing masonry and concrete structures. It is used for 

Hollowcore slabs are prestressed floor elements with voids. The excellent load-bearing capacity and structural topics on hollowcore plank: camber, openings, applications, finished floors, specifying and more. hollowcore by a bond-breaker, waterproofing membrane, and vapor or moisture barrier. The intended use of 

SikaFuko® is a range of specially designed, hollow-core, PVC injection hose systems. These are installed into concrete construction joints, the connections between structures and as additional security to waterstops to seal and waterproof any cracks or voids in those locations. SikaFuko® systems seal joints and other 

carrying out waterproofing measures on hollow core slabs, aerated concrete, pumice concrete or similar, the heat-insulating layer must be augmented so that the point at which condensation may occur is located above the vapour barrier. The dew point location and the water vapour/diffusion conditions must be estab- lished 

affecting the wet areas should be reviewed together for reliability of the waterproofing system and to ensure consistency in dimensions (eg, final thickness of the. floors, MSCE configurations, etc). There should also be a good level of awareness and understanding of the structural system being used (eg, precast hollow core.

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