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Those have a pale and worn facial skin with larger or smaller wrinkles. Those on whose skin there are larger or scars and patches as a result of an earlier acne process or have enlarged pores in their skin. Those for whom a facelift performed by a plastic surgeon did not lead to a satisfactory result because the quality of their 

of the Healthcare Ministry and Healthcare Department of Moscow, AMWC – Eastern Europe will once again deliver a strong and diverse scientific program, including the latest trends and findings in Aesthetic Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Productive Longevity, and Preventive, Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine.

The world's first anti-ageing drug will be tested on humans next year in trials which could see diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's consigned to distant memory. Scientists now believe that it is possible to actually stop people growing old as quickly and help them live in good health well into their 110s 

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Russian biologists from Moscow State University have successfully tested a medication that is capable of slowing cells aging. In particular, the researchers proved that the medication has efficiently worked on mice.

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The first 40 minutes of the film—released on Netflix on Friday—focus on Fogel's efforts to game the system while competing in the Haute Route, an annual event in that It involves prescription steroids and hormones issued by an anti-aging doctor, and fairly graphic footage of Fogel injecting himself daily.

Similarly, the demographic problems raise issues about the ability of the Russian military to meet conscription requirements (the number of men at conscription age in 2016 will be half the number 20 years earlier according to The Russian Balance Sheet). Even harder to measure is the impact on Russian 

AMWC 2015 will give a special recognition to Russia for its contributions to the advancement of global anti-aging medicine. they will be delighted to have with them the Honorary Presidents representing Russian medicine and science: Prof Natalia Manturova (Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery), Prof Nikolay 

Russian women are renowned in the entire world for their flawless skin and the gentle way aging treats them. Well, the secret on your face. The skin will become smooth and velvety, and small wrinkles will disappear. Spread the mask over your face and hands and cover it with a plastic sheet. You may 

was “married” to cosmetology and anti-aging. In 2000, a journal of “aesthetic medicine” started to publish papers on cosmetic surgery and some of the surgeons joined the. Society of Specialists in Aesthetic Medicine. It is important to note that in all that time, plastic surgery was not a distin- guished specialty 

Watch more on RT's documentary channel rtd.rt.com How long can a man live? Does he use all the resources? How do you extend your life? What's the secr

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