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Acrylic wall panels in a subway tile design. Factor 4 – Would you like a fancy or a plain tile pattern? If you like a fancy tile layout like a herringbone pattern with a unique glass tile border (a more intricate tile project) vs. a simple running bond (like the look of bricks on a wall) or stack bond (one tile on top of 

Shower panels from Interior Panel Systems Ltd (IPSL) are so easy to fit they save hours and hours when you refit your bathroom or shower. They can be installed over any existing bathroom surface and give you a great look that is 100% waterproof. The shower and bathroom kits come complete with trims 

Panels vs. tiles - and why we think panels win. Does your outdated bathroom need a refurb? Are you struggling to face the mess that goes along with retiling? If you only have the one shower at home, you don't want to do without it for weeks while you wait for the tiling to dry - especially in busy households.

This can either be tiled walls or plastic trays that may be used together with the tiled walls or acrylic wall panels as an alternative thus delivering the aesthetic appeal of tiles with the practical benefits of an acrylic or plastic tray and eliminating the leakage concerns sometimes associated with poorly installed 

Shower design and technology has come a very long way in recent years with some incredibly innovative designs taking centre stage. From basic shower cubicles, we've moved forwards into wet-room territory where entire bathrooms are transformed into luxurious capsules, perfect for enjoying long 

The panels are basically resting on the floor or bath/shower tray edge and leaning against the wall so the amount of adhesion required to keep them in place is less of an issue than with tiles and each panel helps to hold the next one in place due to the tongue and groove jointing system. CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR FULL 

We are renovating an attic shower room (with rafters) and I am interested to learn from anyone's experience of using glass instead of tiling, please, and so avoiding having to clean grouting etc? Are glass panels much more expensive, and what thickness of glass do you recommend? Thank you.

A Guide to fitting waterproof shower panels and choosing decorative panel board for bathrooms and shower enclosures in place of ceramic tiles. There is also the option of using a specially designed trim for the edge of your bath or shower where it meets the bottom of the boards. This is a very sensible and totally 

I should point out though that although you can clad a complete bathroom with wall boards, we find that it is best used in a shower cubicle, rather than all over. Some tiles may be old fashioned with their grout lines and extra care attached to them but they offer far more variation over a whole room. But, when 

Ultimately this piece is not about trying to make tiling out to be the root of all evil and it even worth considering a mix of both shower wall boards and tiles when it comes to renovating your bathroom by using panels inside and round the wet areas of your bathroom, ie inside the shower, and using tiles for the 

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