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use plastic lumber for subfloor

Subflooring is the structural component of a building that provides rigidity to the floor structure, supports live loads, and serves as the surface to which floor finishes can be applied. Wood subflooring is installed in all types of structures, including timber, platform, and balloon framed. It can also be used in 

I added cross braces between the floor joists. All the braces are screwed in with exterior grade screws. Follow Up--- I laid the floor today and I used pressure treated lumber. 6 4x8 sheets covered the entire structure floor. I added 10ml plastic between the joists and floor for protection. I see a suggestion 

You can create your own subfloor using materials found at your lumber yard or home improvement store: 2x4 sleepers, plastic vapor barrier, rigid foam insulation, and exterior grade 5/8" plywood. Homeowners and contractors have been creating this system for ages. Despite products like DRIcore being on 

Plywood long ago lost its market leadership to oriented strand board (OSB), which is now the most-used sheathing and subflooring material. Industry voices from panel manufacturers or their main trade group—APA – The Engineered Wood Association—say that there's no real difference between the two 

Underlayment. ] Plastic Lumber. Fiberboard Wall Sheathing. Cellulose Honeycomb Panels. Fire-retardant Treatment. Structural-use and OSB Panels. Oriented Strand Board. Adhesives. SD-05 Design Data. Modifications of Structural Members; G[, [_____]]. Design analysis and calculations showing design criteria used to.

The most commonly used types of subfloors are wood and concrete, but there are other subflooring alternatives that you might consider. The installation process including Plastic is another subfloor material that you might use in places where water can be a problem. Plastic subflooring can be installed 

LePage PL 400 can be used in most interior and exterior construction projects either on the job or the production line. It bonds all wood to wood assemblies dry, wet or frozen. Primarily designed for on-site bonding of subfloor and plywood decking to joists during cold weather. PL 400 is suitable for use in drywall, plaster, 

With a staple down or nail down installation over a wood subfloor using solid flooring or engineered flooring, it is recommended that an underlayment of 15lb. black felt paper is (For underlayments without a moisture barrier attached, you can always install a 6mil plastic sheet separately directly over the concrete slab.).

Floors may be stone, wood, bamboo, metal or any other material that can support the expected load. The levels of a building are often referred to as floors, although a more proper term is storey. Floors typically consist of a subfloor for support and a floor covering used to give a good walking surface. In modern buildings the 

Ø Polyboard subflooring protects the hardwood floor as long as the water level of leakage or seepage is less than its thickness. It is 100% waterproof - never swells, buckles or delaminates. Ø Polyboard subflooring can be re-used even after a prolonged severe flooding. Ø Polyboard subflooring repels termite, woodworm 

Some materials used in houses are more resistant to moisture, water, flooding, and mold than other materials. Selecting Naturally decay-resistant wood subflooring (redwood, cedar, some oaks, bald cypress) or steel for structural members. However, wood can Solid plastic lumber (may inhibit drying).

Sound: Laminate flooring is so thin that it needs underlayment's extra help to feel and act like real wood. Consider sound transmission. You do Generally, you want to use underlayment. But if you wish to squeeze by without using it, here are a few contrarian views on the matter: 1. When Cost Is an Issue.

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