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Lay out a fence line using a string. Make sure that the string is completely straight. Mark all feet where you will be placing the wood posts, but you should measure the marks properly and according to the purpose of the fence. If you are going to install a gate for people you can measure marks of 4 to 6 inches, but if you plan 

After the posts are in the ground and you have finished installing the actual fence (whether board, electric, mesh wire, or otherwise), your pasture should be good to go! With any new fence, take the time to carefully introduce your horses to the new pasture; it's a good idea to walk them around the perimeter 

The solution was to install a modest fence that would help contain my home while also giving it curb appeal. A split-rail seemed a good choice. It wouldn't obscure my one-story home but would provide it with a simple border along which I could plant shrubs. And I could festoon it with seasonal decorations.

Board Fence Uses. Board fence is by far most popular for horses but is also used for cattle. To really make the fence useful and keep wear to a minimum, it is important to install a hot wire to keep cattle from pushing against it and to keep horses from eating it.

Overlapping Board Fencing. Board Fence A board fence is a traditional fence which can provide privacy (if high enough), is fairly attractive and robust and is fairly easy to maintain. The method of post and rail construction are given on this page, this page on Board Fencing addresses the cladding of the posts and rails.

How to DIY guide on building feather edge or close board fencing in your garden on a flat garden or sloped garden.

Attaching redwood boards horizontally to fence posts set in concrete. Using a spacer to keep a consistant gap between the boards to allow some light and air to pass. Instructions on hanging a gate on the fence if desired. Installing Fence Posts: Overview. 1:38. Installing Fence Posts: Overview · Installing 

Nationally, the cost to install a fence averages around $2,722, with most homeowners spending between $1,647 and $3,937. This data is based on actual project costs as reported . A basic plank costs as little as $1.50, but one treated red cedar can be as much as $8. If you want the best looking materials, redwood is your 

In this tutorial I explain how to install a top cap, install the cedar board on board pickets, as well as add the outside trim.

Post and board fences include an endless variety of simple designs in which widely spaced square or round posts support several horizontal boards. This type Install 1 × 6 boards. Measure and mark each board for length, and then cut it to size. Clamp the board to the posts, following the height and center marks. Drill pilot 

Tie a String to the Top of Two Fence Pickets to Act as a Guide for. 2 x 4 Guide. Use a 2 x 4 set on its face as a 1-1/2-inch guide along the bottom. Set each picket on the board as you're installing along the slope. Helpful if the slope is uneven and changes frequently. Use a 2 by 4 to Support the Pickets at the Correct Height.

The first thing I do is ask what kind of animal the fence will house, how important aesthetics are and how much you want to spend,” says Reiff, owner of P. Pennsylvania. “Most people like the look of a board fence the best,” adds Reiff, “but those can be pricey because they're so labor-intensive to install.” 

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