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The related words on the backside of each card offer an opportunity to deepen a listening process. In unpleasant situations there is often a mixture of unfulfilled needs. The suggestions we give on the backside of each card will help you to find these words easier and faster. At the same time they offer people a chance to 

Take steps to remove embedded dirt, fungus and stains. Only after the wood has been cleaned can you begin the staining or sealing process. A gray weathered deck can be revived with a proper cleaning. Black or green stains from mildew, moss and algae, or black tannin bleed that is common can also be 

Am I comfortable with the permitting process? Some municipalities have an easy, streamlined process for submitting plans and obtaining a building permit. Other places have more onerous and complicated plan requirements and inspection and permitting requirements. I knew that DIY-ing our deck would 

We'll show you the whole refinishing process, with expert tips on how to handle tough spots and complete th. Scrape the old finish residue off your deck railing and decking if you have an old semitransparent or solid color stain. The finish A stain finish is easy to spot because it leaves signs of wear in high-traffic areas.

As one of the most visible parts of the deck, railing can provide design inspiration and should be considered from the outset. Available in a wide array of styles, shapes and materials, you can tailor your railing to personalize and frame your outdoor space. To help simplify the selection process,  

Now that you know what makes your startup resonate with people, line up some sticky notes and get working on your approximately 10-slide deck. . Arvind soon moved into the technology team of Deloitte's investment banking department to gain hands-on experience with the startup fundraising process.

Unless you're happy to spend a fortune buying packs though, creating decks is a slow process, so we thought it would be a good idea to look at the best ways to enhance your . One reliable source of cards and gold that's easy to overlook are the seasonal rewards you get from playing on the ladder itself.

$4.97/each. 5 gal. 4X Graywash Deck Coat - 4. $137/each. 9 in. PaintStick Applicator Kit - 8. $26.67/each. 11 in. Metal Deluxe Roller Tray - 1. $3.97/each. 4 in. Nylon Handle Flexible Joint Knife with Hammer End - 7. 12-Volt Cordless Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver Kit - 4. $49.97/ 

Download the Easy Theme and Deck Package file, which will be accessible from your “My Account” page. MyAccount. 2. Unzip and extract the Easy Deck folder from the file (it doesn't matter where you extract the file to, just remember where you put it…I recommend the desktop) with any unzipping program (Winzip or I use 

As the housing market struggles, many homeowners are electing to put off the buying and selling process until the market improves. Money that was set aside for down payments is now being used to improve the current residence. One of the most popular home improvement projects is renovating or 

The fact that Clip Hidden Deck Fasteners are also available with a stainless steel insert molded inside them makes them the most durable fasteners on the market today. Our installation process is Quick & Easy because all the work is done from the top-side of the deck so there is no need to stand on your head during 

Benchmark's Deck-building Process—yes, it can be this easy! Benchmark Build Process. Contact-us-for-a-free-quote. Common questions. Do you offer custom design and build services? Do you do interior renovations? How do we know you're a good contractor? Do you build low-maintenance decks? How do you work 

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