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Hello if you are laying any type of flooring over concrete you need to let the concrete breathe. Use a dimple type plastic role, then plywood sub-floor like an OSB product, then the flooring. It would also be a good idea to put an insulating layer between the dimpled plastic barrier and the OSB plywood 

Installing Plywood Underlayment. One advantage to plywood underlayment is that it is easy to install. There are two reasons for this. First, plywood comes in large (4' x 8' or even larger) sheets, which quickly cover your floor space. Second, plywood is easy to cut with a circular saw. To install, use 1" screws 

Fasten your first layer plywood subfloor as you normally should. The second (top) layer of plywood joints should not coincide with the joists and the second layer should not be fastened to the joists. Article quote from - Position of Underlayment to Prevent Cracked Tile and Grout By Frank Woeste and Peter 

Mobile home flooring is not always of the best quality. The sub floor is frequently constructed of particle board, with carpet or linoleum installed on top of this. If the floor in your mobile home is becoming spongy or creaks excessively, one solution is to add a new layer on top of the existing sub floor.

In this video you'll see how you can do plywood subfloor leveling using the plywood sheets. I was going to I was going to install a hardwood floor (5/8" thickness) but there was a problem with subfloor: a tile was 1,5 " higher. How to solve .. So wait .you did this over existing plywood subfloor? Please tell 

I have been researching a lot and would like to install a plywood floor over concrete in two bedrooms in our basement. I have seen many blogs and read a lot, and know it can be done, but, need a bit of help. I have read in some places that you NEED a vapour barrier to put over the concrete before installing the plywood and 

Whats the preferred method of installing a 5/8" of T&G Plywood over a 5/8" T&G OSB subfloor ? My OSB Subfloor is in good condition. The house is 28

Plywood is the best subfloor choice to lay on top of the pine because it nails in securely and creates a flat, even surface for the new floor to adhere to. When laying it over an existing floor, a thinner plywood panel is acceptable; it should be at least 1/4 inch thick. Particle board can be used, but it's not as strong as plywood 

Carpet is usually successfully installed to particleboard as well. However, if you anticipate moisture on the carpet, such as from pet potty accidents or children spilling drinks, the particleboard under the carpet could be ruined. In that case, it's a good idea to lay plywood over the particleboard before laying carpet. Plywood is 

Mobile home flooring is not always of the best quality. The sub floor is frequently constructed of particle board, with carpet or linoleum installed on top of t.

There are different reasons why people decide installing new plywood, from replacing a bad sub-floor, to raising it to be higher & stronger. When deciding to install new plywood on top of your existing sub-floor, using this tool might be the fastest way to do it and could help you save a lot of time. If you found 

Removing old linoleum can be difficult and messy. Making matters worse, some old linoleum contains asbestos, and disturbing it can lead to dangerous exposure. What to do? Instead of worrying, you can simply install new plywood over the linoleum, then follow up with the floor finishes of your choice.

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