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There have been alternatives, mainly in the form of sheets of simulated wood finishes, but they lack the lustre and depth of teak, and while virtually every other advanced materials, such as composite hulls and carbon fibre masts, there has not, until now, perhaps, been a suitable substitute for teak decks.

Teak rubbing strakes, toe-rails, decking, saloon furniture; They all get damaged and need, ideally, like-for-like replacement. We, as boatbuilders (or whatever) have to have more imagination in proposing alternatives and be more aggressive in saying 'no – this wood is not good enough to go in a boat'.

We are Traditional Teak deck and Modern Flexiteek deck specialists. Stylish look provides marine longevity for your boat.

I have been doing a bit of research on teak substitutes for boat decking and have found several, but I have not heard from anyone that has actually USED Looking for Teak substitute I don't know how well it will perform in a marine atmosphere, but it does perform well in the maritime northwest on land.

Deb Cantrell · I am surprised that more people have not chosen cork as a replacement for teak. We replaced the original teak decks on our 1985 Nauticat (36') this past summer . Customer article 

Locally. teak is so expensive that they substitute other tropical woods. The names of these wood..Ogabooga, Biggatwigga are so weird that I cant remember them. these weird sounding woods are used in high class exterior house and pool decking architecture. Talk to your exterior decking supplier.

Although it has yet to be used widely in marine applications, iroko's cost – around one-third that of teak – makes it an appealing option to consider. Ultimately, however, there is no true substitute for genuine teak hardwood, whose unique properties have made it the standard for quality outdoor and indoor 

Find Traditional and Alternative Flexiteek solutions for your boat here. Repair, installation, and rejuvenation services available for all marine vessels.

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Modern, thin teak decks need lots of regular care, and so it's vital to follow this advice on how to keep them looking good. If that isn't enough to make you care for your deck, then consider the cost of replacement. Teak costs The alternative is to put the boat in a shed somewhere. Anything is possible but 

Question I have a customer who wants a mantle and cabinets of teak, but doesn't want to pay for teak. What is a good substitute wood that can be finished to look like teak? Forum Responses (Cabinetmaking Forum) Don't think it's a poor man's wood, but mahogany comes to mind right off the bat.

With TDS, you'll enjoy green alternatives to the best in structures and designs. THEN: Originally developed in 1979 to Because there were a number of boat manufacturers in the Tampa bay area, a 10,000ft² factory in Bradenton, FL, was built to service the local marine industry. For years, it was hard to sell the concept that 

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