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wood rot vs termite damage

Most of the time, you won't ever have to ask yourself whether damaged wood is caused by termites or dry rot because the latter has distinct looks that you can recognize pretty easily. Do My Own Pest Control and Advanced Integrated Pest Management cite how you can tell the rots apart just by looking at 

Termite damage and a specific type of wood rot, known as dry rot, can not only be confused, but both can cause extensive damage to structures. The two forms of damage look

Spring is in the air and I have Landscape Timber Wet Rot repair. The problem is the new pressure treated landscape timber it is not fully treated all the way

If you notice soggy patches of wood in your deck, patio, staircase or handrails that seem very weak or pulpy (like rotten fruit) you may have a case of wood rot. Decks Patio Covers Balconies Stairs Wood Flooring Large Beams Eaves Door Sills & Door Jambs Window Sills Termite Damage Repair Dry Rot Repair 

Wood destroying fungus is almost like a “cancer” because it eats the cellulose in your wood, turns it soft like a damp kitchen sponge and it spreads and infects the wood members attached to it! With termite damage and dry rot damage, “You can spend a little now to keep your home maintained or you can spend a whole 

Chuck explains how to tell the difference between wet rot and wood destroying pest damage, and gets some footage of pests in action. It's almost like nationa

Chemically, wood attacked by dry rot fungi is decayed by the same process as other brown rot fungi. An outbreak of dry rot within a building can be an extremely serious infestation that is hard to eradicate, requiring drastic remedies to correct. Significant decay can cause instability and cause the structure to collapse.

How to Tell Water Damage from Termite Damage. Water damage to wood often creates square-shaped “cells” in the wood. This pattern can be called “cubicle rot,” referring to the cube-shaped square cells. It also is called “alligatoring,” because the square-shaped cells resemble an alligator's back. These square-shaped 

While termites are the big menace that most Gainesville homeowners fear, there are a number of other pests that cause wood damage and must be reported, including several types of wood-boring beetles and the fungi that cause wet wood to rot and crumble. Wood decay may seem like just a nuisance, but 

Our dry rot and termite damaged wood repair services cover all of Bakersfield and surrounding area as well as Camarillo and surrounding area. About half of our business is in the dry rot repair or replacement services for homes and commercial properties. Hubble-Termite is the contractor of choice for dry rot repair. Give us 

Damage from dry rot creates small, rectangular pieces of crumbling wood on the surface. Dry rot damage is often mistaken as a termite infestation. Dry rot (also known as brown rot) is one of the most damaging forces on household wood in the world. Approximately 20 billion board feet of timber is destroyed by wood rot in 

Learn more about the damage termites and other wood destroying insects could cause to your home or business. Commonly referred to as "dry rot", wood decay fungi damage is typically the largest problem facing home and business owners. Needing only a moisture source to grow, there are four main types of dry rot:.

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