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guidance when considering fencing in bush fire prone areas. BAL 12.5 & BAL 19 houses (as per AS3959). Where a timber fence does not connect to a dwelling and has a minimum of 1 metre separation from the dwelling then a fence may be constructed from hardwood, or non- combustible material.

Fences that do not exceed 6 feet in height do not need a construction permit. Fences can be built up to 8 feet without a permit, but only if the top two feet are made out of barbed or razor wire. All fences built within 5 feet of another building must be constructed with non-combustible material. The City of San 

Strategies for fire prevention if using wood fencing: Use metal gates and/or heavy gauge wooden sections and include a noncombustible transition wall between the wood fencing and structure; Keep fence clear of debris and not in or touching soil. Do not store combustible materials such as firewood 

The goal is to make sure that composite and plastic products don't easily ignite and spread fire. Wood fences less than 6 feet tall require no permit. “Fences do not need to be noncombustible but they need to be set back from the house,” he said. “Fences and other structures need to be at least 5 feet from 

As homeowners in wildfire prone areas continue to search for ways to reduce potential home ignitions during a wildfire, the October edition of the.

Build or remodel your walls with ignition resistant* building materials, such as stucco, fiber cement, wall siding, fire retardant, treated wood, or other approved materials. Be sure to extend materials Consider using ignition-resistant* or non-combustible fence materials to protect your home during a wildfire. Driveways and 

and fences). Boxin the undersides of overhangs, decks and balconies with noncombustible or fire- resistant materials. Fences constructed of flammable materials like wood should not be attached directly to the house. Anything attached to the house (decks, porches, fences and outbuildings) should be considered part of the 

A COLORBOND® steel fence won't rot, it won't be eaten by termites, it is non-combustible and resists the progress of fire. It is also easy to maintain, so once it's installed, there's no need to be spending your time painting, oiling or replacing palings. So, choose a fence made from COLORBOND® steel; it can enhance the 

Imagine the freedom of never having to power wash, paint, treat, stain, seal or replace boards in a wood fence again. do not support the growth of mold and mildew. are not combustible and are flame resistant, ensuring your backyard BBQ mishap doesn't turn into a mishap. do not splinter or rust and therefore are a safe 

This overview provides you with a graphic and non-binding indication of installation practices commonly used by Longboard customers in various applications. Additionally, in relation to the overview below, Longboard strongly advises that the customer, project owner and architect to seek independent advice from a 

RhinoRock Concrete Fence is a uniquely designed and engineered concrete fence that is robust and strong, yet lightweight and affordable. The cost of a RhinoRock Concrete Fence panel is considerably less than the traditional solid heavyweight panels. Combustibility of glass fiber reinforced shell, non-combustible.

A non-combustible roof protects your home from burning embers. • Install a combustible material is not feasible. • Keep your roof and Wooden fencing leads fire to the home. • Do not attach wood fences directly to the house. Replace attachment point with a metal gate or metal fence section. • Maintain at least a 1 inch 

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