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how to edge driveway with 2x4

Have the gravel dumped on the driveway where it's easier to shovel up. You'll also need a 1-in. layer of sand under the bricks. It's usually cheaper and easier to simply order bags of sand rather than have a small quantity delivered. Divide the linear feet of border by 5 to determine how many 50-lb. bags of sand you'l need.

I will be installing pavers and was wondering what you guys think about using wood as the edging material. I like the versatility of For a driveway you will want to use the strongest style of edger -- not a light-duty product--due to the lateral stress exerted on the pavers by turning vehicle wheels. Follow 

Otherwise, I use PT 2x4's (scored to bend if you have curves) between any gravel paths or graveled flooring in your landscape. The 'rule' for designing edges of lawns is to use either straight runs with 90 degree angles or sweeping curves with radius sizes reflecting the size of your lawn; small radius for a 

People use crushed gravel usually to make driveways, paths and walkways. Use 2x4 boards, to mark the driveway area where you want to lay the crushed gravel. Make sure that the edges are lower than the driveway's center, so that when it rains, water will flow down the sides without accumulating in puddles on the 

Belgian block edging keeps the pavement out of your yard, and vice versa.

Edging a gravel driveway with wood is quick, easy, and long lasting. Adding edging will enhance the look of a simple driveway and reduce the maintenance. The idea here is to create a two inch reveal using pressure treated wood planks. Step One - Lay Out. Measure along both edges of your driveway in feet. Divide the 

Remove any sod or other vegetation from the driveway location after you have established the edges with builder's line. Note, again, if the soil is particularly soft or 9. Install the forms for your driveway. Typically, these will be 1x4 or 2x4 nominal lumber, anchored with wooden stakes sufficiently to support the form boards.

In this how-to video, This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook creates a rustic gravel walkway.

Aluminum Straight Edge Wagman Metal Products. Straightedges are used to What's available: You can use a simple wood 2x4, or purchase hollow aluminum or magnesium straightedges. For more comfortable grasping, look for straightedges with kerfed edges that won't dig into your hands during use. You can also 

or take away soil once i put my long 40 ft. edging in the soil or just giggle my edging up and down my trench at the same time i just add the long 40 ft. edging to my trench like I think someone else could easily do if they were placing their plastic edging in softer lawn or garden soil. Does this make sense?

Making the Concrete Floor or Driveway Flat The strike-off board can be a straight piece of lumber, usually a 2x4, or a specialized piece of aluminum. Once you're done with the initial bull float pass, you are going to have to touch up those edge marks with a second light pass after the concrete floor has 

Poured-in-place concrete borders are perfect for lawn edging, tree surrounds, driveway curbs and garden borders. Concrete borders are also very versatile and can be designed and built to match any landscape contour and they will last for years. Fiber-reinforced, QUIKRETE┬« Crack Resistant Concrete is the ideal product 

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