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Our mixed plastic lumber is heavier and denser than wood, and a great way to use waste plastic, as it will not rot like wood, is non-toxic, more flame resistant than wood, and lasts at least 5 times longer. This results in all our recycled plastic products being much cheaper than wood when you consider the whole life costs.

Burning plastics may produce hazards such as the evolution of toxic gases, loss of physical integrity, and melting and dripping thereby providing other ignition sources. One strategy to improve the fire perfor- mance of plastics is to use additive-type fire retardants. Additive- type flame retardants are added to 

Exceed fire compliance for polymers with Plastic Lumber Yard's Flame Boards. The materials are used for wet process and pharmaceutical applications.

Borax-based preservatives are emerging as a comparatively non-toxic wood preservative and flame retardant. As Borax is water soluble, current development efforts are focused upon making it more durable in wet conditions. Composite lumber is an promising area for these new preservatives since a resin base offers 

Flammability of Wood. Ignition of Composite Materials. Flame Spread Indexes and Fire Rating of Composite Materials. Effect of Mineral Fillers on Flammability. Smoke and Toxic Gases, and Smoke Development Index. Flame Retardants for Plastics and Composite Materials. ASTM Recommendations.

“Dricon” or similar, for indoor wood, trusses etc; Polyurethane and fiber deck overlay (Pacific Polymer, etc) makes huge flame retardant gain; Most plastic/wood composite ( , etc) decking is hard to ignite but not fire proof. Burns like a candle once it gets hot enough. There is a new fire resistant on the 

FPCC Fire Retardant for Plastic, styrofoam, piping, polyurethane foam.

Fire retardant treatments can reduce the contribution of wood-plastic composites to a fire. Craig Clemons, Forest Service, Snapshot : Wood-plastic composites treated with fire retardants addresses fire concerns in the wildland-urban interface 

Poly. brominated biphenyls (PBBs), flame retardants that are chemically very similar to PCBs but made with bromine instead of chlorine, were banned in the . They are applied as coatings on wood, plastic, steel, and other materials, and when heated they expand to form a fire-resistant and insulating layer.

Our Products. N.E.W. Plastics Corp. is made up of three distinct business units offering blow molding, packaging supplies, and extruded plastic. We provide a comprehensive portfolio of products and services support to create complete shelf-ready packaging.

Fire retardants in wood work through two primary mechanisms. The first is reduction of wood flammability by reducing flame travel rate, thereby slowing down the combustion process. Secondly, the chemicals reduce the rate which heat is released from the wood during a fire. The fire retardants alter the vapors released 

Our Price: $69.95. BanFire Poly Retardant for Sheer Fabric - 1 Gallon, Flame Guard Clear Topcoat Fire Retardant, Lumber Guard XT fire retardant for Exterior Wood. BanFire Poly Fire Retardant Spray for Sheer & Specialty Fabric - 1 Gallon. Our Price: $69.95. FX Flame Guard Clear Top Coat Fire Retardant - 1 Gallon.

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