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A hard border in Northern Ireland after Brexit would affect more than 7,300 companies that export to the Irish Republic, or roughly 15 per cent of the businesses in the region. It would also have an impact on “some 177,000 lorries and some 250,000 vans that cross the border for trade every month”, said 

Many hurdles remain before Brexit's final implementation, and few are more vexing than what to do about the border between the U.K. province of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. In Brussels last week, the European Union agreed that the U.K. has reached “sufficient progress” on key areas of 

Sinn Fein could hardly believe its luck that 56 per cent of Northern Ireland's voters chose to remain in the EU, but are nevertheless being forced out by the weight of English votes for Brexit. Their immediate call for a "border poll" on Irish unity is opportunistic and will, for now, go unheeded. What is different 

As the UK seeks to rejig relations with Europe after Brexit, the Irish border has become a sticking point. Dr. Katy Hayward, author of the report Bordering on Brexit, asked people living near the border what they think.

The EU will be contributing €171 million to the Northern Ireland Rural Development Programme for 2007-2013. The programme aims to boost the viable in the medium to long-term. Eco-innovation funding is only there to help ideas get off the ground - the project must be able to carry on without EU funding. Website Link: 

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The Cauldron Community Educational Eco Village project is working to set up the first Eco Village in Northern Ireland and is currently open for Aspiring As such we aspire to having a cross-border site ideally, or at least a site as close to the border as possible, to signify how the natural environment 

Downing Street has rowed back on claims that Northern Ireland's membership of the customs union was up a "matter for negotiations" as rows over the Irish border threatened to derail Brexit talks. The Prime Minister's official spokesman sparked confusion on Friday by saying it was up for discussion in 

The UK's blueprint, sketched out in its negotiating position paper, has never been tried on any of the European Union's borders and would involve major exemptions from the Single Market and Customs Union rules for Northern Irish businesses. Former Northern Ireland and Welsh Secretary Mr Hain said: 

There is something surreal about the Irish border row.

This outlines the UK's position on addressing the unique circumstances of Northern Ireland and Ireland in light of the UK's EU withdrawal.

A final decision on the Northern Irish border cannot be made until a UK-EU trade deal has been agreed, Liam Fox has said, despite warnings from Brussels that trade talks cannot proceed unless an agreement is reached within days. Ireland is seen as the key obstacle to proceeding to negotiations about a 

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