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The cleaning and maintenance schedule for vinyl composite tile (VCT) is relatively straightforward, albeit more labor-intensive than other types of flooring. Though some types of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) still require periodic waxing, most types of LVT differ from VCT thanks to their 'no wax' maintenance 

This is a hot topic: Readers are hearing from floor sales people that they need to polish and buff their newly installed vinyl composite floor tiles like the They have recommended buffing 3 times per year by a professional to keep the dirt out of the surface to prevent staining, including stripping? How do you 

Once new VCT is installed, it must be properly stripped and waxed with at least two coats of wax applied. For the best results, have the VCT stripped and waxed prior to moving furniture or people into the space, ideally allowing a full 24 hours of cure time before it is walked on. The post-wax wait time is the same for existing 

Demonstration of our floor waxing services.

Walk into virtually any commercial facility today and odds are pretty good the floor under your feet is vinyl composition tile (VCT). VCT has proven to be a highly Routine maintenance: It is important to routinely strip off the wax that has built-up from repeated maintenance in order to apply a fresh finish. The VCT should be 

Commercial Tile Floors: Also known as VCT (vinyl composition tile), commercial tile floors are one of the most popular choices of commercial and . If you do not provide cleaning services daily, let the business you're serving know that to keep a concrete floor looking new and clean it is recommended to 

struggling to find something that worked on my black porcelain floor tiles - my brother in law recommended. This product is excellent - if floor is really dirty - wash twice and allow to dry in between. I use very hot water from tap and kettle and the results are great. Lovely shine and finish. Highly recommend.

The Roberts R8250 Universal Floor Polish is convenient to apply. It is an ideal choice to use on vinyl composition tile, vinyl tile, plank, prefinished hardwood and ceramic tile. It restores luster and shine to floors.

(such as Armstrong® S-480 Commercial Floor Polish) and reduces the need to strip the tile. Vinyl Composition Tile requires polishing for protection, ease of maintenance and an attractive overall appearance. For Best Results: ▫ When performing wet maintenance, always use proper signage and prohibit traffic until the floor 

If vinyl composition tile (VCT) has dulled, most likely this is because it has not been maintained properly. And while not all stains can For example, there are special spray buff products designed to be used with floor machines that can help bring back shine or remove stains from VCT tile. In addition to the 

Vinyl composition tile is a popular choice for homeowners because it is durable, affordable and simple to install as a floor covering. VCT is produced by heating vinyl Mop the floor with a VCT cleaning solution — as recommended by the flooring manufacturer — according to label directions. Use a soft-bristle scrub brush 

How to Wax Vinyl Composite Tile. Waxing adds shine to your vinyl composite tile floor. durable and add years to its life. Here are a few steps you can follow to learn how to wax vinyl composite tile. When applying the second coat, it is a good idea to apply the wax in a different direction. For example, if you applied the 

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