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However, planters made of decorative stone or brick are prone to leaking around the seams and joints. The water leaking out of these crevices is laden with minerals and other deposits that can cause stains. It's easy to prevent these issues by waterproofing the inside walls of your planter, so the water will 

Rub the wood briskly with an 80-grit sandpaper to scrape up all bare tops of the wooden planter till the surface feels coarse to the touch. This makes tiny pinches and crests to allow better adhere for your waterproofing coat or stain. To keep water from getting to the inside the fissures of the box, apply seal to 

I have made a few exterior window boxes and none lasted long with the wood in contact with the soil. I would make the boxes of whatever wood and finish matches yor kitchen. I would seal the inside with an exterior grade urethane. The idea is to It's waterproof, strong and cheap. I use it to finish my pistol 

Apply an even coat of wood sealer to your planter. Remember to cover all surfaces including the inside, outside, and underneath. Take special care to completely cover any knots, corners, or pockets to make sure that the planter is completely sealed. Let the sealer dry for a few hours, or however long your product's 

This summer we have been hard at work on the inside of our home, mainly our master bathroom remodel, however we have also taken the opportunity to do a few outdoor projects as well. Earlier this summer we re-stained our deck and pergola, but we had two planter boxes and an arbor that we had built last year that we 

If there is no pressure treated wood is available, you can still prepare a wooden plant box that lasts longer. When you are done with the planter box, make it sure that you left it untreated for several days. With the passage of time the moisture inside the wood will certainly vanish and then you can proceed to the next step.

Jason builds a huge planter box and waterproofs it with roofing tar.

Crommelin Water Based Bitumen Paint is a heavy duty effective and economical solution for waterproofing retaining walls, planter boxes and other areas.

AFM Naturals offers other products; and; SoyCleanhas waterproof wood sealers too. Reviews often point out that these products are not as durable and long-lasting as traditional sealers, and that they are hard to apply and costly, but with only planter boxes to cover, rather than a deck or fence, any of these 

I built a planter box from non-pressure-treated lumber for my patio this weekend, but am kind of at a loss as to how to protect it from the moisture party that's going to be inside. I'd just stain/steal/forget about it, but I have a feeling vegetables aren't too fond of the chemicals that hide inside stain. In case it 

If you prefer a natural finish, consider a fine hardwood such as oak or maple. Helpful Tip: Waterproofing the interior of the planter will allow you to put soil directly into it. However, not all plants have the same watering needs. If you have a range of plants in the planter, it is best to pot them individually. This will make it easier 

Don't get me wrong flowers are my thing, but lately I love making succulent gardens. I recently If you're using a wood box like we are here, you will want to waterproof it to prevent water damage to the box. There are a Give the box a quick coat on the inside and wait for it to completely dry. The second 

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