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Arboform acts a lot like any other petroleum-based plastic to a manufacturer. It can be injection-molded as a heated liquid to form any shape. But Arboform is.

Ask any chef or home cook what the single most important tool in the kitchen is and he or she will almost certainly give you the same answer: a chef's knife. One, dependable all-purpose chef's knife — and knowing how to use it — is going to make the biggest impact on your cooking, whether you're a 

Re: Using plastic for framing instead of oak with Louis Sauzedde. Although he doesn't claim to have invented the concept, Sauzedde is also the go-to guy for plastic framing in traditional wooden boats, whether in new construction, repair, or restoration. He knew a lobsterman who had sistered some frames 

6 Economical! Plastic is not expensive, and as it is cheaper than wood, metal or glass, we are able to provide you with low cost quality products. Using plastic rather than wood or metal to make our steps and storage products means that we can combine style with efficiency, and at a price that is affordable.

Learn more about creative alternatives to wood, from hemp to nuts to straw. It can be used in place of lumber and a wide range of other materials. For example, Washington Another growing segment of the deck market is basically the plastic — recycled or not — of composites without any wood fibers.

European Pallet Association - The European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL) attended the Gulf Packaging & Polymers Show (GPPS) in Abu Dhabi from 1st to 3rd February

The plastic is combined with wood waste which can be collected from a variety of sources including sawmills and construction sites. The collected wood shavings and splinters are ground into a fine powder and mixed with the plastic. Some plastic wood manufacturers don't even use wood. Instead they 

He's steaming the pieces directly in place, and the tighter confines of the bag mean more steam is concentrated closer to the wood, rather than taking up all of the the dead space in a steam box. When he's done there's no box to store. And the plastic can be cut to length to accommodate the piece. Here's a 

Trees can be grown sustainably, that's what nature has been doing for millions of years, and there is a whole industry grown up around wood products. Single-use plastic items like this just get discarded and end up in landfills due to very poor recycling levels. Wooden stirrers are biodegradable. This is all basic stuff and 

Yes plastic toys are so much cheaper to buy, but does that make them the best? Do you know the benefits of Wooden Toys vs Plastic Toys? Here's what you need to.

People who are involved with the manufacturing and use of pallets and crates have recently been in a heated argument over which type of pallet and crate is more effective and beneficial for the user. Pallets and crates are used every day to store materials, ship items securely from one location to the next, 

LAYWOO-D3 for RepRap printers lets 3D printers create objects from wood. LAYWOO-D3 Lets You Print 3D Objects From Recycled Wood Instead of Plastic! While not a replacement for hard wood, the material is a new alternative to the plastic substrates used in most 3D printer technology, and it's an 

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