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The fencing is made from interlocking steel panels designed to be used primarily for residential decorative use, although it has some commercial applications. The fencing is available in a number of colors and can be quickly installed in a backyard, but using Colorbond fencing with a retaining wall requires 

Steps for building a retaining wall. To prevent mud and silt from seeping through the planks, install geotextile fabric on the back of the wall. To add another color to the palette, tinted wood sealer (like you'd put on your deck) is another way to give the wall life and maintain the lumber that will get baked 

Please be advised that if there are any parts of your existing fence that you would like to keep, let the installation crew know. Lee Fence and Outdoor . or a retaining wall? Yes. Please consult with your Lee Fence and Outdoor salesman regarding the various options for installing fence on top of concrete or retaining walls.

He came over inspected the area where I wanted the fence installed and the estimate stayed the same. He began installation with 3 of his helpers. It took approximately 3 days to do the work. It probably would have been done in 2 days but the uneven landscaping required additional work. A lower retaining wall which made 

Interloc-Kings Inc. Retaining Wall / Fence Project. Approx. one week start to finish. Contact (647) 880 5887.

replacement or modification of an existing fence or retaining wall per City of Mesa Design Guidelines. Chapter 14 at The code requirements for each installation will vary depending upon the size of constructed of durable wood, chain link, metal, masonry, or other standard fencing materials. Designed to.

Tip: For added stability, it is wise to insert a few timbers perpendicular to the wall. Called "deadmen,” the timbers extend from the retaining wall deep into the ground behind the wall. Drive 2' lengths of rebar through the ends of the deadmen and into the ground. 6. Backfill the area behind the retaining wall with gravel to cover 

When kids or pets need to be held back on the slope, then a fence is needed on top of the retaining wall. Depending on . Tamp the soil down in the bottom of the hole with the end of a wooden board to compact the soil. Dump a If the wall begins to give way, fix the retaining wall before installing a fence.

I would like to install a retaining wall between my yard and my neighbors. It needs Assuming you want a 6' fence above the ground, use 16' 4x4 posts sunk at least 5' into the ground along the proposed retaining wall. Build Build the block retaining wall over the steel posts with 2' of post above the wall.

We'll show you how to build a retaining wall that's firm, solid and will stand the test of time. D. The sod and topsoil are almost even with the top block, so surface water flows over the top rather than puddling behind. The principles of stepping back, installing good drainage and compacting also apply to timber walls.

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