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Wooden planters make handsome containers for flowers, vegetables and even miniature trees. Taking the time to prepare your wood planters in the spring enhances their appearance and prolongs their

Planter liners are a great tool for raised bed and indoor gardening that many people don't even think about. Here are a few things that you need to Wood Planters. Whether you want to decorate your back deck with tall potted palms, or adorn a window box with tiny pansies, wood planters Discover More.

Place your plastic liner in your crate with the seam running lengthways along the middle. Fold the extra plastic over the top to protect your crate while you fill it. Make some holes in the bottom of the liner that line up with the gaps in the bottom of the crate, between 4 and 8 depending on the size of the crate should be perfect, 

If you wanted to go further, you could also look for plastics that are food safe and as alternative. As you know from the article you attached, wood from pallets can have some residual chemicals (methyl bromide seems to be the one most frequently mentioned), so lining the planters would be the safest route if 

I would have thought the liners are for raised planters and trugs ie to stop the soil falling out rather than for beds that go on the soil. I stapled it to the sides to fix it, and then stapled some thick polythene around the inside to help protect the wood from the wet soil and the roots of the plants from any 

I am wanting to build my own, large, planters of found wood and different items and I am wanting to know what are safe materials I can use to line the planters with? I want to start growing my own vegetables but don't care to have wood splinters or whatever else may be in the wood or containers.

I have bought some large wooden planters, which are in effect crates, to be left out in the garden all year round. I am told I need liners for them and need to protect the wood, particularly underneath. Can anyone please tell me what to use for liners and how I put them in without them showing? I would also 

5" Square Wood Planter with Plastic Liner The Measurement is APPROXIMATELY 12x4x4 inches. The description is based on the Manufacturer so it is ALWAYS APPROXIMATELY or ABOUT the measurement. NO RETURNS, but let us know if the item arrive damage.

i wanted this for the wooden planters either side of my garden arch and its easy to cut with sharp scissors and easy to press into corners, and also holds moisture well too. this is sturdy enough though to use in planters that have large openings all round like the wooden batten type (like mine) without the contents spilling out, 

It is very very wise to line your planters with plastic. Wood does not grow over night. It takes a tree 20 - 40 years to grow before it can be harvested. With drought, human activity and other factors, less and less forest will be around in the future. Not only does the liner protect wood but maintains moisture in the 

They are not only functional, but also aesthetically enhancing, as the wood gives a rustic feeling and complements the natural setting. The only drawback to an attractive wood planter is the fear that a wood container won't hold up to the weathering outdoor planters are subjected to. However, installing a proper lining and 

Painted wood planters can be a great way to complement the exterior of your home and create a unified garden design. Avoid stains and sealers on your planters as these are usually toxic to plants. Plastic liners can extend the life of your wooden planters and planter boxes, or use them as 'cache pots' to hold potted plants 

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